Sunday, November 8, 2009

Unethical Travel Agent in SS 2 - Wins Vacation Services Sdn Bhd
My parents and a few of their friends had recently decided to take a tour package to Chiang Mai. being senior citizens, tour packages are always a better option for them as they don't exactly like to do research and plan their journey, harhar!

So one of the ladies walked into a travel agent in SS 2, Wins Vacation Services Sdn Bhd, and got some package details to share with the rest of the group. The group decided and paid a deposit first.

My dad MSNed me one fine day, telling me they had made arrangements to go to Chiang Mai for a holiday at the end of the month, and even told me their flight would depart at around 10am. Which was good for them cos that would mean they wouldn't have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and rush to the airport. Couple of days later, my mum informed me that the travel agent had conned them, and now their flight was departing at 7.20am instead... Which means the group has to be at the airport at 5.20am. WTF?!

This was the scope I got from my parents: My parents had gone to the travel agent to pay the remaining sum of the tour package. Before making the payment, my mum clarified with the sales girl/clerk/whoever that was there attending to her, to ascertain the flight details once again. "So the flight is at 10am+, right?" to which the girl said yes.

The moment money was handed across the counter, the girl reached out and took another itinerary from under the desk, and informed my parents that the flight has now been changed to 7.20am, instead of the "agreed" 10am. My parents were of course, taken aback and questioned the girl. The girl insisted that the flight will now depart at 7.20am, and not at 10am.

Talk about a fast con job. Fucking agents pulled a really fast on here, and I'm pissed.

My parents are now going around telling all their friends about unethical travel agent. I also did some research and found out this agent is a member of MATTA. I advised my parents to lodge a formal complaint, we shouldn't let such unscrupulous agents get away with such ease.

Stay away from this travel agent. Here are their MATTA details:

Member No. : MA2404
Status : Active
Address : No 41M, Jalan SS2/64, 47300 Petaling Jaya Malaysia
General Telephone Line : Not available
Telephone No. : (603) 7875 4168 / 6168 / 9168
Fax No : (603) 7875 5168
Company Email :
Website :

Contact Person : Mr. Lim Chan Hong (Director)
Email :Not available
HP No. : Not available
Official Representative : Not available
Alternate Representative : Not available

MOCAT KKKP No : 4563
Nature of Business : Inbound, Outbound, Ticketing
Bumi Status : Non-Bumiputera


Wah! How unethical are these people anyway. Before collecting your money say one thing, after collecting your money say another thing. If I were there I would have taken my money back and said this WAS NOT the arrangement I was informed and therefore I am a DISSATISFIED customer and then screw them for deception.

That's teruk!!!! I will share with other people about their business "ethics" too!!!

I have bad experience with this wins vacation at ss2 a trip to Bangkok..they promised four stars hotel first first red us.but, we only stayed at an old apartment with smelly around.. wtf... the itinerary they planned is focusing on money earning.. really felt being cheated..

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