Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bak Kut Teh Halal
In the news today, JAKIM said that the term bak kut teh halal is inappropriate and cannot be deemed halal because it still carried an “illegal name” under Islamic law. Which means, even if the chef uses ingredients like chicken and vegetables, that dish still won't be recognised as a halal dish and won't be certified as halal. I'm guessing that the people in JAKIM is associating the words bak kut teh with our dear friend, the little piggy. After all, the origins of this famous dish did start with Mr Oinkers.

So, all the chefs in big name hotels wishing to introduce halal BKT, you guys cannot use the words "BKT Halal", because JAKIM says it's not halal and it is an illegal name. BKT is an illegal name. Illegal, geddit? Tak boleh guna perkataan "BKT halal". Even if your version of BKT is ayam, kambing, lembu or sayur. Tak boleh guna "BKT halal". Illegal, faham? Must use other names. Maybe call it "Sup Herba Daging"....

BAK-KUT-TEH = MEAT-BONE-TEA (direct translation). Me laiks my BKT~ Yumz


me laiks me bak kut teh too!!

=D so ur eugene's GA, with the free flow of pork!! awesome tactic!

That's why they call it 'Chik Kut Teh' about Kambing Kut Teh or Ngiu Chap Teh..

@quin yup, i'm his GA, and officially he's calling "sui lui pau" now bcos i screwed his mind up in this game muahahahah! he thot his GA it was mike all along :P

@pocket hahahahaha! well their JAKIM sayz hv to find alternative names :P

Jee Chiong Fun halal anot?

@doc depends how much jee in it kua :P