Thursday, December 17, 2009

Betty's Midwest Kitchen @ Aman Suria, PJ
A new pork player in town, Betty's Midwest Kitchen. Serving you good pork at reasonable prices, this is one place to bring your family and friends and have a good meal :) Located in Aman Suria (the same row as 7-11, next to a hair salon called Sanfu. If you know where Kayu is, Betty's is at the other far end of the shop lot).

Can you feel the American here?

This picture caught my eye a lot :P

Prices are pretty reasonable here, and you have a pretty good variety of pork dishes to satisfy your palate. Pork ribs... Mmmmm...~~~~

Pork balls~

I tried one of the specialty, pork meat balls with mash potatoes and coleslaw. As everything is home-made, you can expect a certain level of food quality to be pretty alright. I liked the pork meat balls, they were flavourful with a tinge of coriander in the filling (I like!). The mash potatoes can with home-made mushroom sauce too. The meat balls were about the size of Ikea meat balls, and each serving has 10 meat balls. Probably enough for most ladies, but the men might find the serving a little bit small, particularly if you're a big eater. At RM 18.50, I thought the pricing for meat balls a tad on the high side.

Classical meatloaf.

The Classical meatloaf was something that had received pretty good reviews from some food blog I had checked out prior to eating at Betty's. Some of my colleagues ordered it, and I got to take a bite. The meatloaf was moist, and had bits of vege in it. Flavour was just nice too, although I preferred the meat balls more, heh! At RM 15, I think the pricing was quite ok for this one.

Dog food!

This is Dog Food. Really. That's the name of this dish LOL! The plate is really like a dog dish! It's basically fries baked with gravy and cheese. Guarantee you sure jelak after eating this :P

Pork chop in apple sauce.

If you're looking for a healthy pork option, perhaps this one would suit your taste buds. Pork chop with apple sauce. The pork is on the lean side, but don't underestimate the taste too, as the sauce is pretty "apple-ish" haha! I think this dish was about RM 20?

Boston butt (can't recall the full name LOL!)

This is another pork dish another colleague had. 2 slabs of meat drizzled in zangy sauce. This is pretty good too (I still like my meat balls HAHA!).

Apple crumble, fit for two!

Desserts vary from week to week I think. And this week's featured dessert was apple crumble. Pretty generous portion we might admit. 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream over the apple crumble (betul-betul crumble). I was too full to eat this, hence I only had one little scoop of it. The overall taste was not bad, although a colleague said maybe they had used too much flour?

There was a burger dish as well, but I didn't take a picture of it, sorry! Overall the dining experience was pretty good, and everyone enjoyed the food a lot. We'll definitely be back to Betty's again. P/S: it's very hard to stay awake after such a heavy pork lunch LOL!

Betty's also has a Facebook page here. Give them a shot, they might just surprise you :)


I just had breakfast and now hungry again.

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