Monday, December 21, 2009

A Brand New Day
Behind that smile, my heart skips a beat.
A sudden aching feeling descends.
Memories come flushing in.
And I'm reminded of their non-existent birthdays.

I try not to think of it.
Try to push it out of my mind and think of other things.
Flipping through the newspapers and watching the idiot box.
Hoping that the emo feeling will go away and leave me alone.

As I lay me down to sleep, I shed a tear and two.
The mind went off wondering, of things which were not meant to be.
I quickly pull the covers and bury my emotions deep.
And tell myself that all things happen for a reason.

My sensitivity is my weakness.
I want to take control. I am in control.
As I close my eyes to sleep, I force my brains to push all aside.
And wake up to a brand new day :)

Life has been good to us :)