Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year That Was
2010 is coming to an end soon, and before you know it, 2011 is banging on your front door and making its way into your life. How has my year been so far?

Well, to summarize it quite simply, 2010 has been quite a good year for me. There's been a few hiccups here and there, but generally the year has been a good and productive year for me and hubby as well.

Personal life wise, our relationship is stronger than ever :) Lovey-dovey as always, haha! Learning how to love more, tolerance, acceptance etc. All part and parcel of strengthening the relationship :) I love you sweetie *muaks muaks* I'm also looking to further improve on my running, perhaps take part in more running events in the coming year. Hopefully I can actually train myself to run further and longer haha!

Work wise, I've been doing well as well. Got a great team here and everyone is just fantastic and great to be with. 2010 also saw a few unpleasant episodes, that said, there were also many happy occasions. 2011 will also see me playing a more senior role, and being part of management will be quite a ride if I may add. Lots to learn, lots to do, lots to contribute :)

Here's hoping 2011 will bring even more optimism and positive energy to each and everyone on this planet.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Presents 2010
This year probably marks the year where I got the most bags for presents :D 3 bags in total! Woohoo!

First bag was a very cute bag organizer from Sewing Monster a.k.a Sasha. She called me one fine day and asked if I could meet her downstairs where she was sending her young son to Shichida classes, and I dropped by to say hi, and was greeted with a surprise gift. The bag is reversible too, how cool is that!

Second bag was from hubby, and was really spontaneous. I was helping him hunt for his Christmas present for his department's gift exchange (he has to buy for a female colleague), when I chanced upon this really cute tote bag from Living Quarters, 1Utama. I thought that the bag was a much better option, instead of getting the usual soap sets. While browsing through the selections, he decided to get me a tote bag as well, seeing how I found some of the designs really cute :P

Third bag was from our company gift exchange, and I got a really nice, handmade Christmas-y tote bag.

Banyaknya bag tahun ini, kekekekekekeke! *happy happy happy*

Monday, December 27, 2010

Maru @ Mon't Kiara - 2010 Annual Company Dinner
No reference to the famous Japanese cat, Maru :P This was our venue for the company annual Christmas dinner, a Korean and Japanese restaurant somewhere in the heart of Mon't Kiara. Located inside Angkupuri Condominium, they specialize in Korean and Japanese fusion cuisines.

Maru: Korean and Japanese fusion cuisines.

Alfresco dining @ Maru.

Hubby and I were one of the first few to arrive, just before the rain came. Our reservations were actually alfresco, which would've been pretty nice as there was plenty of room to move around, plus when you're expecting a large noisy crowd like us, it's better to have the event outdoors :P However, the rain had other plans for us and it started to pour like nobody's business. The wind was practically blowing the rain into our faces and was gonna ruin all our makeup, hence the restaurant manager decided to move us indoors, into a private room. Good thinking on their part.

Some starters to begin with, a simple salad.

Once indoors, everyone had arrived by then and we sat cosily in an air-conditioned room. The salads came first.

Pretty cups @ Maru.

Some assortment of kimchi.

There was an assortment of kimchi served as well, good thing they came too as everyone was pretty hungry by then. While waiting for our mains, it was also time to end our Guardian Angel/Mortal game for the year. There was so much of laughter in the room, I think our stomachs were full of air by the time our mains came.

Salmon steak set.

Mains were pre-ordered before our arrival. The sets all came with a bowl of rice and miso soup. I thought my steak was rather oily, although the flavour was there.

Unagi set.

This was hubby's Unagi set, he loves unagi. It came in a pretty interesting box, not your usual bento box set. The unagi was a little on the sweet side and didn't have as much sauce as you would normally find in a typical Japanese restaurant, but it was not bad.

Sashimi Moriawase.

There was also an assortment of sashimi, served in a bamboo boat. 5 boats to be exact. There was salmon, tuna, yellowtail, tako (octopus), mackerel etc. Also some yummy green mussels, good source of zinc!

After all that eating and gobbling, it was time to for the gift exchange to take place. As usual, we had the Dirty Santa routine, which means whatever gift you think you're holding, will usually end up being someone else's gift. This year, the hot pick was a Moleskin gift box, courtesy of my boss. Almost everyone wanted it!

My winnings for the category "Best Dressed in Theme".

There was also an extra activity this year. My bosses had come up with a short list, and we were to vote who should win that particular award (e.g: Best dressed, Least complains etc"). I won the"Best Dressed in Theme" :P Actually it was rather accidental. The theme this year for Christmas was red, white and green. I was already in a green top and white slacks. Then I borrowed a scarf from my colleague to keep warm, which happened to be in red strips. Hence I was decked in full Christmas spirit!

Handmade tote bag.

This is my gift from the gift exchange, a handmade tote bag. Made by our intern's mum, I thought it was a really well made bag and priceless. I initially got a box with chocolates, candy and coffee, but as it's the Dirty Santa game and the person who initially got this bag said he doesn't know how to appreciate it because it's too girly for him, I exchanged my pressie for this bag :) This bag is so awesome, I can use it as my holiday tote bag!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Secret of Louisiana - Christmas Eve Dinner 2010
Had a nice Christmas Eve dinner with some close friends of ours here recently. Actually, what really happened was when we found out the couple had made reservations here, 4 of us made the decision to join (read: gatecrash) the lovely couple on their romantic evening plan :PpPpP Fortunately they're a very good sport and 6 of us made our way to the restaurant. No need to deal with traffic jams downtown or brave the pack malls!

Exterior of the restaurant (on the left, red & green deco).
In between them is another restaurant.

I've heard of this place before, but have never made my way there. Located by the lakeside, I thought this place had a nice ambiance to it. Plus it was the Christmas season and everything was decked with Christmas decos, making the place rather cosy. The restaurant had 2 outlets, the first and original outlet being a corner lot, while the expansion is 2 doors away. So yea, there's actually another restaurant sandwiched between Secret of Louisiana.

The 2nd outlet just 2 doors away from the original outlet.

I'm not sure if this was the restaurant's usual practise, but our couple friend who made reservations earlier, had to pay a RM50 deposit for reservations. I guess they're afraid you don't show up at the last minute, particularly on a festive occasion and when the crowd is expected. When we arrived, most of the tables were seated already.

We scanned through the menu and we realised not all the items were available. I'm guessing they were trying to control their operations and when you're expecting large crowds on festive occasions, maybe it's a good idea to scale down your menu options and just focus on giving good service and good dinner experience. The prices for all the items available for Christmas Eve were increased as well (by at least 30%!). I guess F&B establishments will use the opportunity to make big bucks from festive occasions lah, if they don't cut your throat now, not much chance left!

6 of us decided to order our mains, and have some appetizers to share. We ordered 2 portions of Seafood Gumbo and half a dozen cheese baked escargot. Didn't take pictures of the appetizers, we were pretty famished and walloped everything when the dishes arrived :P The escargots was very nicely done, love the oozing cheesy garlic herb sauce! And the Seafood Gumbo was a really good starter too. Served with 3 slices of toasted french loaf (with garlic and butter), the Gumbo was loaded with a variety of seafood in a thick creamy sauce, baked with mozzarella. NYAAAAMMMMM!!!! ^.^

Louisiana Famous Shrimps Scampi pasta.

This is hubby's entreé, the Louisiana Famous Shrimps Scampi pasta. The shrimps are sautéed in cajun sauce, tomatoes, garlic and parsley, and the portion was pretty decent too. Hubby thoroughly enjoyed his entreé.

Chargrilled Rosemary Lamb Shoulder.

This is my entreé, the Chargrilled Rosemary Lamb Shoulder. In case you're wondering if it comes with fries, yes it does (see the fries behind the lamb?). The chargrilled flavour of the lamb lingers for a while as you sink your molars into the meat. I love lamb, awesome awesome piece of meat.

There were other entreés as well but I didn't take pictures of those as I was busy tucking into mine, heehee! Overall food was pretty good, nothing much to complain about. Only complain we had was that service was rather slow, and sometimes annoying. It takes a while to get the waitress's attention, and sometimes we wonder if they're just ignoring their customers or acting busy. One of the waitress was a really really blur sotong case, because my friend had placed an order for glass of iced lemon tea with her, but it never arrived. They even calculated our bill wrong, billing us for an extra lamb and extra drink, and forgot to deduct the RM50 deposit from our total bill.

Hubby and I will definitely make another trip to this restaurant, perhaps not during a festive occasion. Was told they also have a lunch set: Eat All You Can spaghetti set.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Malakoff 12KM 2010
Before I start, holy cow...! Only 2 blog posts for the month of December :/ Epic fail. I've been so busy at work, schedule's been pretty hectic due to deadlines that I haven't got much of a chance to blog much lately, so please forgive my slowpoke-ness. OK, let's talk about our recent run: the Malakoff 2010 Run.

When we first signed up for this run, I was pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing. The adrenalin, the whole feel of it. But as the year came to an end and my work responsibilities took its toll and even made me feel very lethargic at various points (which also affected my training), I had thought of not participating in the run, for fear I wouldn't be able to perform at the level I was expecting myself to. However, after a quick chat with my big supporter, my own sister, I decided die-die also run laaa, paid money oredi summore :P

Come Sunday morning of the run, hubby and I were both at the starting line. The Women's category flagged off at 7am first, followed by the Men's 10 minutes after that. I had already expected the route to be pretty tough, consisting of hills and slopes. We were after all, running somewhere in the middle of Damansara Heights.

Map taken from here.

Here's the map of the running route. We flagged off from Bukit Kiara Equestrian Resort, head towards the National Science Center, all the way uphill, make a right turn and just follow the markers. For the 12KM route, we had to do 2 laps, as illustrated in the map.

I honestly thought the first slope uphill was gonna take a major toll on me. No joke ok, it's uphill from Bukit Kiara up towards the National Science Center wei. And it's a fairly long slope too! But I made it to the top nonstop *happy* and continued my run. I grabbed a quick drink from the first water station (by right you shouldn't stop to drink, just grab a cup and drink and keep running, otherwise you'll cause traffic) and continued my run forward. Saw a few men running (read: flying) pass me too, man they were fast! And then before you know it, I was running somewhere along the main road, passing by a row of shop lots on our left, and Millennium Tower was somewhere on our right.

I kept my pace (slow and steady) and ran passed the Shell station along Jalan Beringin, and came across a lady running with a really huge black retriever :D Also saw a couple of runners running bare footed *salute*. Later I found out they were running in memory of another runner, who died of brain tumour, and this guy ran bare footed.

As I ran pass the Shell station, we started to run uphill. Slope! I kept my pace, slowly easing myself and making sure I controlled my breath along the way too. Runners were given a white ribbon to wrap around our wrist, as an indicator to say we're on our first lap. The slope was gradual, but none the less taxing. Meters after I got my ribbon, I had to stop to walk a little to catch my breathe. Tough wei!

I passed the 2nd water station, grabbed a quick drink and continued running (by then we were passing the 1st split liao *beep beep beep*). The route was fairly ok for a while, until the stretch of the last killer slope came in sight. This was the slope I've heard people talking about in some other blogs I came across previously. Even from a distance, I could see the slope was a major challenge, and people were struggling. Heck, I could only run up halfway before I had to stop to walk XP And this was only LAP 1...!

Come LAP 2, hubby caught up with me and gave me the thumbs up for encouragement, and went on his way. I continued to run as much as I can, and if I get really too tired, I'll stop and walk a bit before continuing. Eventually I came to the last killer stretch before the route went downhill all the way back to the finishing point.

Our finisher medal for the run.

I'm pretty happy to have made that run, and felt really great after completing it. To some runners I was probably as slow as a tortoise hahahahaha! I was pretty happy with myself to have completed the run (I really thought the 1st slope would've knocked me out completely). Now I'm nursing a stiff left knee and am limping a bit LOL!

I hope in the coming next run, I'm able to train myself better and improve my timing more :)

Oh, I also bumped in a girlfriend, Yvonne from Piffles Inc. Actually she found me first harhar! Man, she's such an awesome girl, completing the run in 1:08 mins! She's been training to run for marathons much longer than we have, hence her awesome performance :D Thanks babe, for all the encouragement and running tips! *hugs*

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Silent Thoughts
I still feel a little crappy each time I hear of such news. It's been over 2 years, yet it sometimes feels like only yesterday it occurred. It's not to say I'm still bitter from it, such ill feelings will only break me down further and I don't want that to happen. But I guess despite the time, the scars will sometimes ache a little, and I'm taken back to that very moment for a short while.

However, the feeling will never last long, and will surely pass me by and I'm back to my good self again :) I guess the scars will always be there , just that it's no longer as visible as it once was.

To be honest, my reaction towards this piece of information will differ slightly. My reasoning is not due to what I've been through. Rather, it's what you did that resulted in me having this thought. Your selfish act in the past, which to me, still spells irresponsibility and was done to save yourself from your embarrassment and guilt. How you easily cast away the life that was bestowed to you.

Yes, I may sound cruel. But I'm far less cruel from what you did. You ran from your guilt, and in the process, destroyed it. No amount of religion can change that fact.

I will always feel that people who abandon and dump their babies, and people who abort them, should never be blessed with off-springs. That's because since they can commit such dastardly act on their first chance, they do not deserve a second chance to prove otherwise. This is my personal opinion of course, I'm not in the position to judge.

I rest my case.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My First Birkenstock
After a fall I had a few months back, I've been contemplating whether or not to invest in a good pair of sandals. You see, I've always gotten cheap flip flops, stuff that cost below RM20. Be it from hypermarkets or supermarkets, cheap flip flops have come and gone over the years. My most expensive flip flop in recent years was probably from Ipanema, costing about RM60. That lasted for a couple of years, until a part of the base ripped off.

I've been wearing my pair of fake cheap-ass Crocs for almost a year now, and the sole has definitely wear off, hence the fall :P Was walking to get to my parents house (within the compound) after the rain, and I stepped onto a slippery spot and my legs just flew from under me. I'm left with a small scar on my right feet now, hehe! But since that little slip, I've been contemplating whether or not to invest in a good pair of sandals/flip flops, or stick to buying cheapo ones and keep changing every 3-6 months.

After much discussion and research, I narrowed my choices down to Birkenstock & Ipanema. If you know me well enough, I'm the kind that will take many moons to think and debate with myself over my choices. I like to read, research, talk to people, get feedback, try etc. Yes I know, damn mafan right? But that's me :D I'm normally not an impulsive buyer, hence the bouts of research I do.

Research? For a pair of flip flops? Oli is nuts! But yea, that's what I did. This was what I based my purchase on (in no particular order):

- Durability
- Comfort
- Anti-slip
- Design
- Price

Now I've been looking at Ipanema, it being the more reasonably priced brand. Somehow off late, the designs kinda suck :( Nothing caught my attention, all pretty boring lately. Then my friend AuyongTC in Kiasuland kept upselling Birkenstock to me, telling me it's a really good buy etc, so I went to look at them too. Like I said, no doubt Birkenstock is known for it's quality and durability, it's the price that was putting me off :P And no, I did not consider to get a genuine pair of Crocs at all.

Last weekend, hubby and I were at World of Sports @ Subang Parade. There was a warehouse sale going on (last day too!), and it was a good opportunity for hubby to get a pair of court shoes. I was browsing at the aisle and saw Birkenstock there, between 30% - 40% discount! Oh wow! Frankly, even after the discounts, Birkenstock will still set me back over RM100 &%$@!

I caved. Hubby got me a pair of Gizeh in the end...

Image taken from here.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Simple Pleasures
Some of the simple pleasures in life for me is doing facials at home. Be it using paper masks or masks which I purchase from my beautician. I'm going to share with you today one of my all-time favourite mask.

Sothys Hydroptimale TH13 hydrating mask, probably my most favourite hydrating mask at the moment. I love the light scent and the light gel texture of this mask. It's not as sticky as some masks, and I can even apply it all over my eyes lids and under my eyes :D

It's a rather expensive product so I only use it once a week, as part of my little pampering session which I try to give myself during weekends. All I have to do is apply a thin even layer all over my face, and leave it on for 30mins to an hour. After that, cleanse my face with water and seriously, my skin feels soft and supple :D

I'm a firm believer that women, regardless of your age, should strive to look after yourself. It's not so much about vanity per se, it's more of taking good care of yourself, and be graceful about it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Skyline The Movie
Sometimes hubby and I will go watch movies on free passes, and with those passes normally we will watch movies that are mediocre :P Beats having to pay for them harhar!

We caught Skyline recently, and this is our verdict. Have you ever been told to leave your brains outside before stepping into a cinema hall to catch a movie? Well, this movie is one of them.

Like a giant vacuum cleaner in the sky.

The effects were not bad, there's a shiny blue light which is rather pretty and captivating. Not to mention it pulls you into the light source and gets you all hypnotized, rendering you useless to put up a fight against it. Theoretically speaking, I would think looking into such a strong light source would cause immediate blindness, but maybe this blue light isn't really all that dangerous after all.

There's also the alien species, the floating ones with tentacles reminding me of the Sentinels from the movie Matrix. Multiple blue eyes and tentacles omitting the same blue light source, hovering from place to place in search of more humans to capture. Oh, there's also this giant alien the size of a high rise building walking destroying and chasing stuff.

As the story unfolds, you'll come to realise that these aliens don't really kill the humans they capture just yet. The captives are still very much alive and transported back into the mother ship. So what do these aliens really want from the human race?

It seems these aliens were capturing humans and harvesting them for their brains. Errr, what was that you said the aliens wanted...? The human brain...?

Now why would aliens, whom we've always thought to be far more superior that the human race, whom we always think have better fire power and better technology that us, whom we've always assumed are a far more intelligent being and have a far more complex civilizations that the human race... would want with the human brain?

I think you alien peeps have gotten you science totally screwed up! The human brain is nothing compared to your brain! We haven't build super cool mother ships like you guys! We haven't build fire power and laser weapons like the ones you have! We haven't been able to travel to outer space and beyond and attacked any alien planet yet! Why the fuck would you want the human brain for?!?

And why are you fitting the human brain into your offsprings in the first place? Your alien brains aren't good enough meh?!? You put the human brain into an alien body, and that alien body is so screwed!!! It's gonna be one heck of an alien, with multiple mood swings, failure to make proper judgments, having the constant need of reassurance and possibly do other stupid things humans do like smoke, do drugs, rob, start a war etc. It's gonna be one self centered bastard who thinks highly of himself, and start stepping on every alien's tail and pissing every alien off in the ship.

What better way to start destroying the alien population by implanting the human brain into every alien baby, right? So yea, do leave your brains outside before you catch this movie. Pun intended.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Madam Lim's @ Tesco, Mutiara Damansara
The first time we ate at Madam Lim's was at their branch in Kelana Jaya, nearby our home. Food is halal and served quite promptly. Pricing is also reasonable, which probably explained the crowd as well.

We were around Mutiara Damansara the other week and decided to pop into Madam Lim's for a quick lunch. We both ordered fried rice and a drink each. I decided to try their white coffee that day.

White coffee @ Madam Lim's Kitchen, Tesco.

The white coffee was rather diluted, much to my disappointment. Oh well, this place isn't exactly famous for their coffee, so beggars can't be choosers.

Siamese fried rice, one of their specialty fried rice. Comes with crispy bits of chicken meat on the side. Flavour wise is quite alright, boleh makan lah, for something under RM 7. It's just that after while, it got really spicy for me and every spoonful tasted bland after. Maybe my taste buds got zapped by the spiciness haha! Each meal is served with a small bowl of soup too.

Besides fried rice, you can also find other dishes like tofu, vegetables, fish etc at Madam Lim's. It's kinda like your typical family restaurant, except it's pork free, hehe!

Overall, if you're looking for fuss-free, halal and reasonably priced dishes, Madam Lim's is one place you can consider.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taichi-ing Bitch
2 people have inspected and proved that your unit is the root of the problem. Solutions and the matter of cost have already been suggested to you for your consideration. And based on the house rules, should the defect of the parcel affect some or all parcels adjoining, adjacent, below and above, the defect shall be repaired by the owner(s).

Which means YOU have the bear the cost, because the problem is coming from YOUR fucking unit, you bitch.

And yet you taichi and taichi, and say you're not gonna foot the cost because the problem has got nothing to you with you, despite the overwhelming evidence.

So much for being a "good neighbour". I should really just walk up to you and give you a tight slap in the face for being such a snobby bitch, but I don't want to dirty my hands. I know it's not good to curse other people, but I hope your unit suffers a major problem from upstairs, and that owner would give you 10x the grief you gave us, you asswipe.

I Wan Kitteh

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Making Your Exit
The year 2010 has been extremely difficult not just for me, but for the team that is under your care. Your constant lashing out, emo-ness, grumblings, non-stop blaming has pretty much turned everyone off, including those that are in other division.

I can fully understand your frustration, because you have raised your points many times, some with validity. What I do not understand nor conform to is, how you punish your own team members, just to get back at the people you can't get back at. Like WTF?! Had you been more of a man, you would take your fight to the right people, and not channel all that hate to your team members. You nitpick the people that are under your care, sometimes for no reason at all. Your condescending tone and words, not to mention the deathly stare you give, has riled quite a few feathers, and frankly I don't think that's how someone with so much experience should behave nor act.

A lot of people have had to put up with your screaming and shouting. Hey, some of the people you shouted at probably deserved it, although I had always thought your method of communication could improve a bit more, cos sometimes screaming might not get the message across that well.

However, in the past year, I think you've gone too far. Your pride and ego is getting in the way, and you're acting really obnoxious and being a pain in the ass. This year alone, you've managed to lose the entire team's respect, as none of them want to have any association with you, nor want to seek your opinion or feedback in regards to work related matters anymore. You've successfully transformed the mindsets of the team members to dislike you. Your unwillingness to admit your mistakes and justifying your erratic behaviour by pushing the blame around is rather uncalled for.

I really don't understand what is going on in that mind of yours anymore. I can't read your mind nor predict you like before. And perhaps I don't want to know anymore. I will helm this team alone if I have to. After all, for the past few months, you haven't been contributing much, and we as a team have moved on regardless.

If you can ask why you need to put effort to gain respect and trust from the team, then you've really lost it all. You have forgotten some of the lessons you taught me before. I will always remember you as my mentor and for all the good you brought into the team. However, I can never work with you anymore. It has been a pleasure to have crossed paths with you for a few years. Perhaps it's also time you take some time off and just chill. Good luck and take care of yourself.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Homemade Mashed Potato

Carbo delight!

Another simple favourite at home, so easy to make and super yummy! And you can make it as sinful as your hearts desire :P

Russet potatoes (enough for 2 pax)
Butter (up to your judgment)
Milk (or cream if you prefer to have a more sinful mash, up to your judgment)
Some dry parsley flakes (optional)
Salt & pepper to taste

Rinse the russet potatoes (keep the skin on) and place them in a deep pot of water, and bring to boil. The longer you boil the potatoes, the softer it becomes, so about 20mins will do (if you can poke your fork into the potato, it's ready).

Once the potatoes are done, put them into a big bowl. Use a fork and just mash them out, adding the butter, milk, salt and pepper along the way. The more butter & milk (or cream) you add, the richer the taste. I would normally leave some bite size chunks around, and not mash everything up. I also like to sprinkle some parsley flakes to the dish, just for some fragrance and colour.

And if you want an even better mashed potato version, add bacon!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My New Toy - iPod Shuffle
Couple of months back, Standard Chartered had this gift exercise for their card members. All you had to do was spend a certain amount of money during the specific period, send an SMS, and you get a gift. The iPod shuffle was a guaranteed gift, all you had to do was spend a minimum of RM2,500. The other 2 gifts were a HP netbook worth RM 1,299 and a Macbook worth RM 3,299, but for these 2 gifts, you had to spend more and be the first few hundred to send in your SMS in order to qualify for the draw.

Because we have some stuff which are debited to the card every month, coupled with dining, groceries etc, hubby figured getting the iPod shuffle was an okay deal, hence he swiped the card whenever the opportunity arise (also to try to qualify for the HP netbook, heh!). As we're very prompt with our payments, it was okay lah, for us to charge a bit more to our card (okay you can call us suckers now).

Well, we didn't get the HP notebook, but at least we got the 2GB iPod shuffle :P Which was guaranteed anyway, not bad ma. Too bad it only came in one colour, I would have loved to get the orange or the pink one. This is the first Apple product in our home, haha! Now I have a companion when I go running :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Andes @ Aman Suria
Just realised I haven't blogged about food in a while. I blame my recent busy work schedule harhar! Anyway, hubby and I made our way to this new establishment recently, together with my sisters for some pork treat. Located at Aman Suria, along the Alliance bank row, Andes is now another pork burger place in our list :D That is... if they don't close down...

Andes is still very much a new player in the F&B scene, which probably explains their relatively slow business during dinner time. Maybe people are not aware of this new place yet, not enough publicity perhaps. Also, their very strong pork burger competitor is just down the road (Betty's Midwest Kitchen), so being the new player, you really gotta work a lot harder to get the crowd. Andes not only serves pork burger, they also serve pasta, steak, grilled dishes and other stuff like fish & chips (don't bother ordering it though, not worth it). You can also bring your own wine, no corkage charges.

Andes's menu. Pork burger for RM 12.90. Aussie burger is available too!
Aussie = Beef + Pork patty

Daddy dry pork chilli, awesome stuff!

This appetizer deserves a mention. It's a plate of 3-layer pork, marinated and cooked with a very flavourful spicy paste to boot. You can also order this as a main dish, I believe there's set lunch of this dish, comes with rice and vegetables I think (ask the boss for more details).

Caesar Salad.

My sister ordered a side of Caesar Salad, just to "convince" ourselves that we're having vegetables together with the rest of our meal. less sinful wor, hahahahahaha! Quite normal only la, I've had much better Caesar Salad elsewhere before, with croutons too!

Cheesy Nachos, fail.

Their cheesy nachos failed big time. The nachos were fine. It's the cheese that ruined it. The nachos was merely sprinkled with some cheese, and then toasted for the cheese to melt. You guys could've done better than that...!

Grilled Porky Pork, not very enticing if you ask me.

Hubby decided to try their Grilled Porky Pork dish, while my sisters and I settled for the pork burger. A decision which he regretted eventually AFTER our burgers arrived LOL!

Pork burger!

Lo and behold, the pork burger from Andes. A very thick juicy patty of pork, nicely seared and cooked to perfection, retaining all the cheese and juicy goodness inside. Yes you read it right, there's cheese INSIDE the patty... and if you're thinking Jucy Lucy, you hit the jackpot.

The only downside, well, 2 downsides of this dish is...

1) The burger bun - Andes didn't get their burger bun right. They merely cut the bun into half, place the patty and the works on the bottom bun, and put the top bun back on. Like, hello?! You're supposed to spread some butter on the top bun and sear it a bit, so that the bun has some flavour and the sides are lightly crusted. When I was placing my order (it was my 2nd time back there so I knew how their buns were), I specifically told the boss how I wanted the top bun to be lightly seared. When the burgers came, only my top bun was seared, and there was no butter spread too. Sigh~ Fail.

2) Crinkle cut fries - The quality of the fries were not so good, went cold too fast and a little soggy.

Other than the 2 downside, the patty was awesome. Hubby wants to go back to Andes, to have his share of the burger again. His Porky Pork dish was a disappointment really. And I think one of the many reasons Andes hasn't got their crowd is that, not everything on their menu is good. Which is kinda hard if you wanna stay afloat in the F&B scene. On top of that, when hubby was inquiring about the selection of beers (their menu states they also carry German beers) and wanted to order a bucket of Bavaria, sadly, only Carlsberg was available. Aiya, if you don't carry the other brands, don't print them on your menu la, misleading aje. Kena kantoi from us that night...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mizuno Wave Run 2010 @ UPM, Serdang
Our second run for the year, and what a fun and good experience it was! Flag off was at 7.15pm, but because we were directed at the Padang Kawat of the campus (not sure which entrance, but the marshals we saw directed the traffic to that location), we started the run late.

Not enough proper signages really, and being a really really HUGE campus, UPM has several entrances. And the Padang Kawat was like, 3KM+ away from the starting point of the race! Fortunately, the UPM bus took us to the complex where the starting point was, otherwise by the time we reach the complex, no need to run liao!

The womens category was flagged off first, and since I missed that flag-off, I waited for the next category flag-off, which was the mens :P Who cares which caterogy lah, as long as you start at the starting point, the RFID tag will register your time.

UPM terrains are killers! OMFG terrains! o.O It was seriously a major challenge to run the route (for me at least, amateur runner ma). Right after flag-off, it's the first terrain dy, going steadily uphill, before going downhill. Talk about a good warm-up for my legs! I'm happy to say that I managed to run the first 4KM+ nonstop, before the terrain tire me out. OMG the slope after the 4KM was tough! I kept telling myself "No! Don't stop yet! At least reach the peak of the slope first, then only walk to catch your breath as you go downhill!" Hubby said he was surprised to see me push myself, as he half expected me to give up and start walking the slope (he told me so after the run was over, heh!)

And so I ran the first 4KM+, walked until the 5KM mark, ran again until the 7KM mark, then walked again (terrains are a killer man, no joke!). At the last leg of the run, I told hubby to go ahead of me first, so he went ahead and said "See you at the finishing line!" Yea, I was pretty pooped by then, because the last terrain was OMFGGGGGG%$#@&!!!! (I found out a few days later that the last killer hill is called the "Aiyo" hill, for good reasons!) After hitting the peak, it was all downhill babeh! I ran the last leg of the run and crossed the finishing line. And guess what we saw....


Awesome-ness to the maaaaaaaxxxxxx!!!! The green, square Milo truck, parked right on UPM campus ground, serving chilled Milo to all!!!! The last time I had Milo from the Milo truck was during my school days, and yes, I can still remember the creamy taste of ice chilled Milo served in paper cups. The Milo this time around was a little sweeter that how I remembered it to me, never the less it was Milo from the Milo truck!!!! We both queued up a few times for that awesome-pawesome malt drink a few times HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oli & TanTan ♥ Milo from the Milo truck~

And here's a picture of some of the stuff we got from the goodie bag. Got a 20% discount voucher for Mizuno products too ^.^ Came home with aching legs none the less, hahahahaha!

I definitely had a better run this time around, compared to my first run a few months ago at Putrajaya. Had there be no terrains (flat road), I could probably cover 5KM nonstop, maybe even more. Never the less, I'm pretty pleased with my performance for this run, and hubby is proud of me as well, definitely an improvement from the last run. Training doesn't stop here of course, must find ways to improve myself further! Ganbatte!

Oh, I completed the Mizuno run in under 2 hours, whee! Don't exactly know the real finishing time because the results only showed the gun time and split time, but seeing that my gun time was under 2:00, I'm pretty sure I completed the run in under 2hrs lah.

*Update: My condolences to the family of the late Ir.Adnan Kassim, who collapsed during the Mizuno race and passed away. We ran past the ambulance on Sunday, just after the 3KM mark, and saw a guy already on the stretcher, and prayed he will be ok. It's very sad to hear the news :/ May God bless his soul, Namo Amithaba.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mizuno Wave Run 2010

Hubby and I are taking part yet again in another run, this time in Serdang. Called the Mizuno Wave Run 2010, we signed up for the 11KM route with hubby's colleague. I also found out that some friends of mine who previously took part in the Shape/Men's Health Nite Run are also taking part in the Mizuno Wave Run.

I was told that the Mizuno run is quite a challenging route... it's got terrains >.O Takpe la, worse come to worse I come home with super duper tired legs only ma, hahahahaha!

If you're reading this on a Sunday, chances are, I'm lying in my bed and nursing my tired legs. And if you see my limping my way into office on Monday, you know what happened lah har.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy Busy Busy
Been a hectic week so far, so much so I've neglected blogging. Have a couple of postings in draft format, will get around to revising them before posting them up, heh! Some postings may need further encryption, in order to keep people guessing WTF is Oli up to :P Until then, my eyes are like this now...


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Keep the Faith

So much to do, so much to consider. Having settled the bigger picture, we must now look at the finer details and make decisions. Looking at the vast horizon in front of us, there are so many possibilities. Now it's just matter of putting things into perspective and narrowing the focus. And along the way, keep the faith.

Friday, October 8, 2010

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Image from iStock Photos.

I like it... Read more. about it here.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Conversations
Via MSN, bastardizing nursery rhymes

Oli: ba ba black sheep

Oli: hv u any wool?

Bap: hafyooanniewooo

Oli: lolol dat's the ahbeng version rite

Bap: i ah beng wat

Oli: lolol

Oli: yes sir yes sir 3 bags full

Bap: hahahaha

Oli: one for my master and one for my dame

Oli: and one for the little boy who lives down the lane

Oli: continue!

Oli: twinkle twinkle little staaaarrrr

Bap: hafyooanniewooo


Bap: hao-eye-wandar-watchiu-arrrrr

Oli: up above the world so haaaaaiiiii

Bap: arp-a-burf-duh-were-sor-hai

Oli: like a diamond in the skaaaaaaaiiiii

Bap: laik-duh-laimen-induh-sekai

Oli: twinkle twinkle little staaaarrrr

Bap: hao-eye-wandar-watchiu-arrrrr

Oli: HAHHAHAAHHAAHHAAHAHAHAHA this is going into my blog

Oli: bastardise nursery rhymes lol

Bap: ole-mak-lonal-hat-er-fum


Bap: on-he-fum-he-hat-a-fei-hai


Bap: a-snort-snort-hear

Bap: a-snort-snort-dey


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Blanket Ban On Smoking
I was quite happy to hear the announcement about cigarette taxes going up again. In fact, I'm all for cigarette taxes to go up every year. 500% if possible ahaks! I hate cigarettes. Utterly despise them. If I knew the guy who invented it, I will bloody shoot his balls off and make him swallow all the cigarette sticks.

Yes, that's how much I hate the stick. It's a useless piece of invention. A waste of one's breath and life. I really don't understand why people still fall for the gimmicks of smoking. How is smoking cool? It's not cool at all. You're just falling for the advertisements and making the tobacco companies richer. You're actually paying to die for them.

It's a known fact that smoking kills, yet people are still addicted to it. Kinda stupid if you ask me. You know that stick is going to kill you, yet you willing allow yourself to be killed by it. Not only does it kill you, it also kills the people around you. So, indirectly, that makes you, a murderer.

I always find it amusing to hear the reasons why smokers smoke. They say smoking helps them to relax. That's bollocks, because smoking actually accelerates your heart rate. And this statement came from a smoker friend (not kidding!). It's more of an addiction, and of course, the will power of a person.

Plus many smokers are also litter bugs, tossing their cigarette butts all over the place. Isk! One bad habit after another. How many times have you come across smokers that literally toss their litted cigarette butts out a moving car? Or when you're seated at the mamak, the many cigarette butts you see lying under the tables? Some of the worse ones are those in high rise buildings, simply tossing the still litted butt off the balcony/corridor, not thinking that it might land onto someone's head or even fly into a person's face, causing injuries.

Smoking has been proven to cause all sort of cancer, lung cancer being the most common of the lot. When you smoke, you not only put yourself in danger, you're also endangering the lives of your loved ones. Your family, your friends, everyone around you will be affected. So yea, you can say smokers are a selfish lot. Because they're only smoking to feel "relax", and don't give a fuck about others. Honestly, life is short enough. Do you really want to shorten it even more by smoking?

And some women these days, smoking like chimneys. Some women smokers really look like some cheap back alley whores, holding the cigarette stick and posing with them. So not cool at all. My dear, don't you realise that smoking will give you really bad and dry skin? Not to mention bad lungs, a higher risk of miscarriage, bad breath, bad teeth, bad gums, bad everything! Why do you want to succumb yourself to such ugly consequences?

Here are my suggestions to tackle the smoking problem:
1) Ban smoking in all public areas, including mamaks, shopping malls, schools, colleges and universities.
2) Have proper enclosed smoking rooms built in various locations for smokers to use. Restaurants, mamaks and hotels can allocate a small room for smokers to use (like how IKEA has one).
3) Smokers can only have their puff in their homes and designated smoking rooms (see No.2).

So you see? I'm still being reasonable to smokers! I'm not stopping you from smoking at all! All I'm suggesting is that if you wanna smoke, a designated smoking room should be made available, and you can smoke all you want in there :D Of course I could be the evil bitch and say "BAN SMOKING TOTALLY", because that would be so much more awesome than setting up smoking rooms. That said, I choose to be more "reasonable" to my dear smoker friends, some who feel that because they're paying more in cigarette taxes, they should be allowed to smoke wherever they want.

I hope to see a blanket ban on smoking in open areas soon. I know, wishful thinking. One can only wish, right?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Keeping Fit, Staying Fit
These days, I dedicate about 4 days of the week to my exercise routine. 2 days of cardio (running, strength training) and 2 days of yoga. I've been pretty much keeping to this regime for the past 5 months, and I think the regime so far has been working out for me.

Before I started running, I was only doing yoga twice a week. That was before the yoga studio I frequented decided to close down abruptly. While in the midst of searching for another studio to join, I took up running, because I didn't want to stop exercising, and I didn't want to let the notion of "not doing yoga because no more studio" stop me from continuing my exercise (and get lazy in the process). So I started running, and believe me, cardio is one thing I've always sidelined and procrastinated for the longest time. The first few minutes I started running, I almost died LOL!

So for the few months after the studio closed down, I started running slowly, and also practised yoga at home. And because hubby and I also signed up for a run @ Putrajaya, hence I continued to train my stamina and endurance. Trust me, coming from a non-runner, running was really tough in the beginning. Felt my legs were gonna break at any moment and my lungs were gonna explode.

5 months down the road, I can gladly say I can run for at least 20 - 30mins nonstop at my own comfortable pace. In fact, there are days when I'm in top form, like yesterday for instance. I actually ran about 5.5KM yesterday nonstop. I know, it's a short distance to seasoned runners, but it meant a lot to me, because I started from 0KM hahahahahaha!!! I try to run as long as I can, until I get out of breath, or when my legs feel like they're gonna fly from under me, whichever comes first. I don't really look at distance when I run, I prefer to just clock the time. There are certain days though, my run is like crap and I can't clock more than 20mins *shy*

On top of running, I'm also adding some strength training to my regime, by lifting some weights and doing lunges, and I try to walk up the stairs to my floor instead of taking the elevator. I've also joined another yoga studio and have been attending classes twice a week as well (when schedule permits). Now I'm considering to invest in a pair of weights, maybe a pair of 2-3kg free weights. Or maybe even get a medicine ball, hmm...

Looking back, I'm glad I started exercising and reaping the benefits of it. It gives you confidence, makes you look and feel good about yourself, and all things positive. I hope I'm able to keep exercising until my old age and age gracefully :)

I've always heard people say they don't have time to exercise, or they're just too busy with their work/family/self/etc. I believe if you put dedication to it, you will be able to find the time to fit exercise into your schedule. Some people say exercise is too tough for them, very "san fu", very difficult, and they choose to give up rather than persevere. Start slow, pick something like brisk walking or a slow run. Or try low impact exercises first like yoga and swimming. No one is asking you jump into kick boxing immediately (if you want to, hey, why not?) If you keep finding excuses for yourself, you'll never start.

Keep fit, stay fit. You can do it!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hubby has a regular cab driver whom he relies on should he need to travel to KLIA or LCCT. His name is Aziz. Hubby first met him several years ago, when he called the KLIA limousine service, to get a cab to pick him up from the house. The KLIA limo HQ sent Aziz to pick hubby up.

From what hubby related to me then, Aziz had offered hubby his namecard, and said to hubby should he need to call a cab to get to the airport next time, feel free to call him directly instead and he can arrange for pickup (just as long as you give him enough time in advance to make the arrangements). Charges would not differ from calling the KLIA limo service direct. And if you need him to pick you up during arrival, that can be arranged too.

Not bad. Personalised service.

Since then, whenever hubby needs a ride to the airport, he will call Aziz. Aziz has been pretty prompt with his arrangement and timing. I think he works with a few other taxi drivers, and within their group they will arrange among themselves who will handle which customer. Although most of the time, it is Aziz that will come pick hubby when whenever he requires the cab service.

Aziz is a very hardworking man. And we really respect his work etiquette. It's kinda hard these days to come across such a hardworking and polite cab driver. I can see that he puts dedication into his job. The many times we've called Aziz, he would always be on time (or earlier!) and will help us with our luggage. He would chat with us while driving, share some of his cab stories with us. Very nice guy.

Selamat Hari Raya to you, Aziz. May you be blessed with everything wonderful :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

My sis has been sharing with me some stories about how some people in her circle have funny thoughts about driving big fancy cars and owning luxury items, all for the sake of gaining respect and showing off to their peers. I said to her that I also know off some friends in my crowd who does exactly the same thing, and I too find it very funny :P

I do find it amusing sometimes, to see how some people find instant gratification to splurge on items that are very likely beyond their means, yet insist to owning them for the sake of gaining respect and status. Is it really that important, to live up to other peoples' expectation? Is it really that important, to own that expensive car? Or the latest tech gadget? Or to buy that expensive condo just because your friend bought one?

Hey, don't get me wrong. I have no issues if you wanna get the new Beemer or that big house house with a built-up of 6,000 sqft. It's your money, go splurge on whatever you want man. I just think that if you're splurging to boost your ego, it feels kinda silly and shallow.

So maybe for some people, there's a void which they constantly need to fill. The way I see it, that void will forever be there, because that void seems to only get bigger. Comparisons are always done, and that heats up the competition to see who has deeper pockets (to sustain that many commitments!)

Sometimes I also think that the friends you hang out with, will mold your perception as well. Like if you constantly hang out with well to-do friends who have no qualms about changing cars every year, being part of that same gang, might subconsciously make you feel you also gotta live up to that standard.

I'm never comfortable burning both ends of the candle. I think it's scary to have so many financial commitments. I like to have some for the rainy day, cos you never know what will happen. If you can afford it, oklah. But if it's gonna burn a hole in your pockets and make you live on your salary from month to month, that's kinda sad.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pan-fried Prawns in Soy Sauce
Another one of our favourite recipes, thanks to magazine which was featuring and rating selected brands of soy sauce! Flavours, a bi-monthly food and lifestyle magazine published by Star Publications Sdn Bhd, was lying around my parents' house one fine evening several months ago, when I chanced upon it. My mum quickly flipped to one of the pages and showed me the article about soy sauce, and the many brands which were featured.

"The article rated this brand to be the best of the lot!" my mum exclaimed gleefully. I took a quick glance at the article, flipped through the rest of the pages and decided this magazine is pretty informative, and perhaps I should get a copy for myself.

The magazine featured a lot of very interesting (and simple) recipes to try at home. I'm gonna share with you one of our favourite...

Don't you just wanna sink your teeth in them? Hehe!

Medium size prawns, cleaned and deveined (enough for 2 pax), marinated with 1 tps sugar
2-3 tbps soy sauce
2-3 cloves of garlic (chopped)
1 tbps rice wine
1 tbps brown sugar
1 tps cornflour
Some oil to fry the prawns

In a small bowl, mix the soy sauce, brown sugar, rice wine and cornflour together and set aside. Heat up oil in a deep pan (or wok) over medium heat. When the oil is hot, fry the prawns until golden prawn and fragrant. Remove from pan and set aside, leaving about 2 tbps of oil in the pan. Add the garlic and sauté until fragrant. Add the prawns and toss until even. Pour the mixture over the prawns, coating them evenly and toss a few more times. Serves 2.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Malaysia Day
September 16th is now officially a public holiday for all Malaysians, to commemorate the day Sabah and Sarawak (Singapore as well, before we broke up in 1965) join Peninsula, to form Malaysia. As such, I'm pretty sure some of you have come across some really good ads out there that are celebrating this occasion.

Image from

Digi came up with this ad to commemorate this very special day. Hilarious shit I tell ya :P And if you've not watched the ad on YouTube, here it is...

The ad is going viral on Facebook right now, and I must say, their agency did a fantastic job with the concept, the script and casting. The fact that the ad pokes fun at our diversity, and still able to send a meaningful message across all Malaysians, makes the ad even more compelling.

Let's hope the ads can send the same message our fucked up politicians and make them actually use their brains for once. This is Malaysia, and Malaysia is for all Malaysians. Happy Malaysia Day everyone!

Monday, September 13, 2010

R.I.P Mr Goh
My deepest condolences to my ex-colleague and dear friend Demonick, on the passing of his beloved father. I hope you will find the strength to weather through this difficult times. Rest in peace Mr Goh.

Namo amithaba.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Konichiwa Wristlet
I recently got myself a wristlet from a blogger friend of mine, who is a SAHM (stay-at-home-mum, if you don't recognise the acronym), who also does graphic design on a part-time basis, who also sews to destress :P Yes, this mother of 2 is quick a busy woman, hehe!

I've known Sasha for a few years now, and her personal blog has grown leaps and bounds, attracting a lot of fans too :) And when she started sewing, I thought her needlework was pretty awesome. I tend to admire women that can churn out lovely creations from thread and fabric, namely because I can't sew to save my life LOLOLOL XP

Anyway, when I came across from of the wristlets Sasha took photos of and posted on her sewing blog Sewing Monster, the "Konichiwa Wristlet" caught my attention. I thought the fabric was totally kawaii, and figured getting myself a wristlet was just timely, as I've been thinking of investing in one.

Konichiwa Wristlet from Sewing Monster - RM 45

This is the very cute Konichiwa wristlet, fabric by Alexander Henry. I have to give it to Sasha, she can handle the needle pretty well. If it were me, the wristlet will probably turn out to be some chapalang looking pouch!

Invisible compartment... Peekaboo!

The wristlet also comes with an invisible compartment, a good option to have to slot some spare cash and coins. The pouch is roomy enough for me to store my keys & mobile phone, just what I need to bring out during my yumcha sessions (if I don't wanna lunge a bag around).

She has other wristlet designs as well using other fabrics, as well as little tote bags and really cute fabric shoes for babies. If you're keen to purchase some of her creations, do check if she makes remakes for them, as some may not be available.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Redang Island Getaway 28-30 Aug 2010
Hubby and I made last minute arrangements for a short break recently, and we scooted off to the East Coast for some sun, sea and white sand~~~

For more photos of Redang click here:

MAS's self check-in kiosk, which could not recognize our ticket number @#$%

We flew with MAS this time around, as we got a better deal from them w00t! And despite keying in the correct ticket number, the self check-in kiosk could not recognize our ticket number @#$%. In the end, we still have to manually check-in at the counter. So much for having the kiosk there. Also, MAS's self check-in is pretty tedious, took a lot more steps as compared to AirAsia's.

Coral Redang Island Resort welcomes you!

We took a 3D2N fullboard package from Coral Redang Island Resort, something we have to thank our lucky stars for, as most other resorts we called up were fully booked. Coral Redang told us they had one room left, and we took it up immediately :P

The semi-D chalet which we managed to get.

Here's a short of the semi-D chalet we managed to reserve for our 3D2N stay. Very spacious and roomy, and it's next to their coffeehouse :D The beach is just a short walk away.

Walking on the soft soft sand...

Self portrait.

Something out of a postcard.

KT's claypot chicken rice, which was so-so nia...

We checked out of the resort on Monday morning, and waited for a while for the ferry to take us back to the mainland. From the mainland jetty, it was a short walk to Kuala Terengganu's Chinatown. We walked into this coffeehouse which was located right next to the main entrance of Chinatown for its famed claypot chicken rice (or so said the blog we came across before we went on our holiday). Actually it's just so-so niaaaa.... I still prefer the Kampar claypot chicken rice @ Damansara Jaya, hehe!

KT's local favourite, lekor.

While waiting for our claypot chicken rice, we alse ordered some lekor to ease our hunger a little. Lekor is a local favourite in Terengganu, and it's made of fish meat, flour and other spices. You can either have it deep fried or boiled. In this case, we had it boiled, and it comes with some really awesome sambal!

Awesome fruit juices, at RM 3.50 each!

This is a must-try! The kopitiam has 20 variants of fruit juices, and at RM 3.50 a glass, it's A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I tried the dragon fruit + lychee, while hubby tried the dragonfruit + coconut. Both were pretty awesome and surprisingly refreshing to the palate :D

Ahhhh, beach holidays~~~ Something which we must do again next year :PpPpPpP *hint hint to hubby*

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baked Dory With Cheese & Russet Potatoes
After I posted a picture of the baked dory fillet in my Facebook account, some friends have left me comments and asked if I could share the recipe with them. Of course! Recipes are meant to be shared and enjoyed :D Moreover, my mum was the one who shared this recipe with us. She saw it from some cooking channel on Astro, and asked us to try it. Since she couldn't remember the exact measurement of the ingredients, I estimated everything by myself, ahaks! It's a fool-proof recipe anyway, so no worries!

2 Dory fillets
1 large russet potato (keep the skin on)
Cheese (you can use cheddar or mozzarella. I was using cheddar + monterey)
1 tbps dried parsley (or more, it's up to you)
3 tbps chopped garlic (or more, it's up to you)
4 tbps olive oil
Salt & pepper

Step 1: Place the potato into a pot of salt water, and let it boil for a while. If you prefer your potatoes to be a bit crunchy, don't leave it in the boiling water for too long. Once it's done, bring the potato out and slice it. One large potato can probably give you about 8-9 slices.

Step 2: Preheat the oven to 190ºC for 20mins. Rinse and pat dry dory fillets. Make sure the fillet is as try as possible, because during the baking process, if the fish is not dry enough, your dish might have too much water. Arrange the sliced potatoes in 2 lines, and place the fillets on top of each line. Season the fish with salt and pepper. In another bowl, mix the chopped garlic, herbs and olive oil into a paste, and slather onto the fish. Sprinkle the cheese on top of the fish, and if you like, sprinkle more herbs on top of the cheese, which was what I did, hehehehe! Bake for about 20mins, or until cheese browns. Serves 2 :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Want People To See!
I was in the loo today, nature called. The washroom just outside my office has 2 cubicles, and I was occupying one of them. When I was almost done, I heard a voice of a woman talking to her young son. The mother was guiding her son to take a leak in the other cubicle.

When I came out, I saw in the reflection on the giant mirror that the young son was taking a leak, and the mother went into the cubicle I had just came out from to do her business.

"Stay there and wait for me ok?" she said to her young son, as she closed the door behind her.

I was washing my hands, when the young son finished doing his business and walked out, pulling his underwear up, but his pants was still at his ankles. He called out his mother, and the mother asked if he had pulled up his pants.

"No! I want everyone to see my kuku!"

I didn't want to burst out laughing, just in case the mother thinks I'm a psychopath, and quickly made my way out of the washroom and back into my office :P

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Malaysia Boleh
Been reading the news lately on several crappy stuff. It's very obvious the most Malaysians believe that this country will be headed towards turmoil if the current government continues its agenda. So much of hate these days, incited by their cronies and dogs.

Isn't it utterly stupid? Certain quarters keep shouting over their "ketuanan melayu", "social contract", "quota system" and "national interest". After more than 50 years of independance, the very same group is still stuck into their ideology that their "special rights" which they "claimed" are "enshrined in the constitution" should be protected forever and ever. And if anyone out there even question their "rights" or dare I say, just talk about it, this same group will scream bloody murder and accuse you for challenging their "special rights", possibly have you fired from your job, demand that you leave this country or arrested under the ISA.

More than half a century later, these very same people have been shouting and parading the same slogan.

If Tunku Abdul Rahman were alive today, he will probably take a flying leap out of the Petronas Twin Towers. These bunch of imbeciles fucked up his country so badly, he can't even recognise it anymore.

Happy birthday Malaysia. As much as I would like to love my country, the people that are leading it do not want to recognise me at all, and would rather kick me back to China. I'll probably love you back, when those monkeys get kicked out of Parliament for good. Till then, I will keep silent and wait for the next General Election to come about.