Thursday, January 28, 2010

Have Pork, Will Have Good Sex
Excerpt taken from The Malaysian Insider article:

Image taken from The Malaysian Insider.

“I’ve just been told something I didn’t know; that eating pork improves your sex life ... I’d say it’s a lot nicer to eat a bit of grilled pork than take Viagra,” President Cristina Fernandez (picture) said to leaders of the pig farming industry.

She said she recently ate pork and “things went very well that weekend, so it could well be true.”

So what you folks waiting for? HUAT AHHHH!!!! CHIAK BABI AHHHH!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Rantings
I emailed a client the other day, asking them to send over a festive card design if any, as they always gets us to design a festive banner for their website, of which the banner design is adapted from the card design. The client reverted with a JPEG of the card. As the card design had quite a bit of flowery motifs on it, I replied the client's email and requested them to provide us with a PDF if possible, as it's easier to extract the graphics from a PDF (just use Adobe Illustrator to open the PDF).

The client reverted with a scanned version of the actual card itself.... in PDF format.

*cekik self*

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Different Generation
Hubby and I were having lunch in one of the café at 1Utama, when we noticed a large group of teenagers, no older than 16 years, occupying a long table. Nothing unusual really, just a group of friends hanging out and possibly waiting for their friends to come join them.

We turned to look at them and noticed there was another group sitting a few feet away, and this group seem to know the 1st group we saw. We figured perhaps it was a large group of young boys and girls, all friends, chilling out together.

Like most women with observant instincts (ai-say!), naturally I took notice of the gadgets and gizmos some of the young group were holding up. All of them had their own mobile phones, some were holding digital cameras, at least one had a DLSR (complete with the flash) and at least one had an iPhone. Yes, a 16 year old with an iPhone.

Hubby and I agreed, that times have definitely changed. When we were 16, heck, I couldn't afford to even walk into KFC on my own. Let alone walk into a café and have a meal worth RM 15 and above. I only got my first mobile phone at the age of 21, when I stepped into the work force and that is after much savings involved. And today, I still can't afford an iPhone :P Well actually I can afford, just that I refuse to pay so much for that darn piece of metal, hah!

These days, the younger generation (boy do I sound old now LOL!) have a much deeper pocket, especially those born in the 90s (9-series). It kinda reminds me of the younger days. The group of friends that I hung around with in school, we lived on very very tight budgets. The only time we really hung out, was during tuition classes LOL! Even during my college days, most of our allowances were spent on assignments and art materials (which cost a bomb by the way).

I sometimes wonder though... When these kids grow up and join the work force in the future, assuming that their parents will totally cut them off any form of allowances (which means they're on their own)... Would they be able to adapt? Would they be able to survive in this relatively expensive economy? Would they be moaning and whining about money, getting new gadgets and keeping up with the trend? But then again, these days a lot of parents are pretty well off, thus are able to afford to give their children a lot of stuff. Some might even equate parental love = giving whatever my kid wants.

I heard from my parents before this story, about one of their friends' whose son, although already a working executive, still depends on his parents to settle his car loan, phone bills etc. It's like this dude can't stand up on his own, despite having a job and getting a monthly paycheck. What gives?! I think a lot of parents these days are also pampering their kids way too much, so much so the kids are completely dependent on their parents, especially when it comes to monetary matters. Kinda sad, doncha think?

To my friends with young children. Next time, your 16-year old kid might just yumcha at Hotel Nikko :P (upgraded from Starbucks).

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Conversation
Walking into the office after lunch...

Colleague 1: So where you guys went for lunch la?

Colleague 2: Went to Kitchen Creatures.

Colleague: What you ate there?

Colleague: Had chicken ala king.

Colleague 1: Eh, cannot say the word ala...

*squeeks plastic rat*

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Threadless Tee
Some time last month, a group of us in the office decided to purchase some t-shirts from Threadless, in conjunction with one of their sale. At USD 9 a tee, I thought it was quite okla. Add all the shipping charges, I figured each tee would cost under RM 40. It was my first time buying something from Threadless too. So after a quick browse in their website, I decided to pick "A Birth Day" tee.

A Birth Day - Image from

I love the design. It's so twisted :PpPpPpP I was tempted to maybe pick a couple more tees from Threadless, but being a first time buyer, I didn't know how their quality was going to be like, so I stuck to just one shirt. The rest of my colleague? Well, let's just say they went on an online shopping spree ;)

After a few weeks of waiting, we got a snail mail from our Customs @ Putrajaya and guess what. Because of the large order (above RM 1000), all our shirts were stuck in Customs. Which means we have to travel all the way to Putrajaya to collect the shirts. Which also means, we have to pay extra to get it cleared. Ugh~

After much anticipation (and extra Ringgit), we finally got our Threadless tees. Because of all that fuss at Customs, each shirt now cost RM 47 in the end. A little pricey for a t-shirt if you ask me :P Some might say it's still cheap, but that's entirely their opinion lah. Threadless tees are not that great of a quality. I thought the material was a little thin (made in Bangladesh).

Here's a larger graphic of the Threadless tee I got for myself. It's probably gonna be the last tee I'll get from them :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Porridge Time @ Tropicana City Mall
I think these guys just opened their outlet not too long ago, and after passing it a few times, I mentioned to hubby that we should try this new porridge place at Tropicana City Mall, and he said ok.

My shredded chicken with salted egg porridge was kinda sad. There was only quarter of the salted egg, mashed up into the porridge. Hubby's minced pork porridge wasn't great either. I will give this place a miss next time. Should've gone for Ninja Joe pork burgers instead, which was directly opposite this porridge place.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mobile Phone Problems
I've had my Samsung D820 for 3.5 years now and I must say this phone has served me well throughout the tenure. It's not a very fancy phone compared to some phone models these days, but at least it has all the basic functions of a good phone.

Normally when I buy a mobile phone, the phone would be with me for a few years at least. I'm not one of those would switch phones every 6 months, heh! With my current phone, I can make calls, send text messages, surf Facebook via GPRS, take pictures and upload to my Facebook account. That's pretty much what I use my phone for really.

Over the past year or so, I've noticed a few of the keypads are not so sensitive anymore, but I guess that's wear and tear lah. Sometimes I might have to apply a little bit more pressure to the keypad, but that's really a small stuff lah. There were several occasions as well, when I make calls to another person, there was no dial tone or sound, but as this only happened a handful of times, I figured it's probably something to do with network provider problems. Little did I know it would be a sign to something else...

A few days back (Tuesday), while waiting for my yoga class to commence, one of my colleagues gave me a call. I pressed the keypad to receive the call and when I spoke into the receiver, there was no sound. I figured, ok, network issues again and hung up. I then tried to call my colleague in return, and there was no dial tone. But from my screen, I could see that the call had gone through. Strange, I thought to myself. This went on a few times until I finally gave up and SMSed my colleague instead. I still thought it was network issues...

Circa 2 days back, a Thursday to be exact. I made a call to a friend to check on something, and again, no dial tone when the line had clearly gone through. After a few tries, I gave up and sent a text message instead. Something was clearly wrong and I wasn't sure if the problem was my phone or my network provider. I related the experience to hubby and he suggested we swap phones later at home to test it out.

When we got home, hubby inserted my SIM card into his old phone and we started testing. No problems calling and receiving calls. So the problem was clearly on my Samsung D820. Hubby made a quick call to his brother who sells phones and related the problem. His brother said very likely, the speaker has kaputed and needs to be repaired. "RM 50 should be able to cover the cost" his brother said on the other line.

Speaker rosak, fix me!

And there you go, folks. My trusty Samsung D820's speakers decided to just die on me, the speakers at least. So in the mean time, I'm using hubby's old phone... a Sony Ericsson T618.

The replacement.

I'll be heading to a phone shop later, to get them to check my phone and get a quote to repair it. My Samsung D820 may not be a touch screen phone, but it has served me well until this day and I have no plans to switch to another phone just yet. Unless someone is willing to sponsor me... *ahem*... Actually I don't even know what phone to switch to (if you're going to suggest the iPhone, already 6 people have suggested that).

Oh, I even received this text message from the SE T618 once I started using it...
Hello. I am an old lousy phone. I hate myself. Why are you using me? Don't touch me!!! Drop me now!!! I hate you!!! You don't love me!!! You are only using me!!!
Actually, the phone didn't send me the message :P (in case you're wondering if the phone is possessed). It was my sister rubbing it in, blek!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Going HD (High Definition)
Our trusty ol' 29" CRT TV sits in our living room. Now before your jaws drop at the thought of a big-ass 29" CRT, allow me to explain.

When we first got our house keys almost 5 years ago,we had set aside an amount for the house, which covers renovation costs and furniture as well as electrical items. Items to fill the house to make it "live-able" you know. Back then, plasmas still cost a bomb, so that's out of the question lor.

Back then, if you had a plasma, people will be in awe already, kan? "Wah, got plasma ah? How much ah? Must be very expensive!" I remember one of our neighbours getting a 32" plasma TV, cost him RM 6K for that baby back then. Now, you can get a 32" for under RM 1.6K (yes we did laugh at him eventually).

Back then, I think only some plasmas were HD-ready. Now, everything is going HD. HD this, HD that. Heck, I just heard a radio ad today, talking about HD contact lenses kot! So does that mean with the HD contact lenses, I can see the super fine lines on that floating leaf?

Hubby and I have been giving some thoughts, to perhaps change our current CRT to a LCD TV. Haven't really confirmed anything yet la, saje got the idea. Prices of plasmas and LCDs have dropped tremendously over the last couple of years, so we might decide to get ourselves a new toy :) Deciding the the size of the LCD would be a matter too, because I've always had that feeling that 32" is a tad small :P Problem is, if you get a bigger size, but your video format is not so compatible, you might end up with the 2 black bars at the top and bottomw while you watch the movie.

See how lah. Anyone got any recommendations of LCD brand to get?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Delicious Nyonya @ Tropicana City Mall
We made a trip to this Nyonya outlet at Tropicana City Mall to give it a try the other weekend. We've passed this place several times, and have always noticed the relatively ok-looking crowd inside, so we figured it's worth a shot :) So we made our way there one fine morning for an early lunch.

Big-ass leaf which you can't miss.

Located on the ground floor, right next to a boutique called Mynt, Delicious Nyonya serves Nyonya delights such as pai-tee, curry kapitan, nasi lemak to name a few. They also have set lunches should you wish not to fuss your pretty head over what to order.

No-fuss interior.

Some interesting deco.

I think we were the first customers that morning LOL! The staff were still busy preparing stuff behind the counter when we walked in. Never the less, the waiter promptly came with the menu and we set our sights on the Nyonya menu.

The lime drink hubby had.

Hubby decided on the set lunch, which comes with a drink and dessert of the day. Since his set meal comes with a drink, I decided to order a sago dessert, but was later told there was so sago :( So I switched to the next favourite, chendol.

Lai-sei-ah-ma (nasi lemak)

We didn't have to wait long for our food to arrive. My nasi lemak came first, and from the 1st impression it looked pretty alright. The sauce which came with the chicken was very aromatic, I just love the lemongrass flavour~ The sambal was nice too, not to spicy. It should have onion in it though, the sambal was lacking onions. Sambals should have onions in them, no? The chicken was a tad hard, frozen chicken, tsk tsk~

Curry kapitan.

Hubby's curry kapitan with white rice looked and tasted okay too. The curry was creamy and not too spicy for me (santan always makes curry taste gooood~). The curry only came with one piece of chicken thigh, so I'm guessing it's rationed :P I preferred this over the nasi lemak.

Green bean dessert.

The dessert of the day which comes with the set was green bean. The serving was a tad small, we felt, hehe! Despite the small serving, the green bean dessert didn't disappoint. We both liked it very much. Everything about it was just right, except for the serving. The texture of the green bean, the amount of santan in it, yumyumyum~ I think they have the regular serving of this dessert in the menu as well, can't recall the price but I think it's below RM 4 per bowl.

No-fuss interior.

The chendol failed maximum. FAIL. First, we couldn't taste the gula melaka and had to asked for more. The extra gula melaka came in a small bowl, and to our discovery, it was quite watered down. We're guessing they may be using a not so good quality of gula melaka. We had to add several spoons of gula melaka into the chendol, just to bring the gula melaka taste out. Ok Ok, so we shouldn't be consuming so much of sweet stuff, but chendol without the right amount of gula melaka is a BIG NO NO in our books.

Second, the chendol was hard. It was frozen man. You can chew on it and hear yourself go crunch crunch. It was like biting on green ice. And the ice shavings were so big, I had to scope the extras out otherwise I'll just be eating ice shavings. Fail, definitely failed big time on this Malaysia favourite.

We would go back to try their other food dishes, and the green bean dessert. But stay away from their chendol. If they can get chendol wrong, I doubt they can get the ABC (ice kacang) right either.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

sur⋅ro⋅gate [sur-uh-geyt]
1. a person appointed to act for another; deputy.
2. (in some states) a judicial officer having jurisdiction over the probate of wills, the administration of estates, etc.
3. the deputy of an ecclesiastical judge, esp. of a bishop or a bishop's chancellor.
4. a substitute.
5. a surrogate mother.

I was reading the news online the other day and came across is article which talked about surrogates and how countries like India is offering hopes to childless couples a chance at parenthood.

The concept is pretty simple. You and your partner long to have a child (or two) but due to reasons you will never know, you can't have one. And for some, the absence of pitter-patter of little feet running around at home absolutely kills you. What more, some may even have to deal with the constant lectures from nosy relatives and friends who feel that you should "try harder" to have a child. Some may even suggest there could be "something wrong" with you. "Your biological clock is not gonna wait forever you know...", "You're getting older already, faster pop one out...", "I'm already having my third kid, when's yours coming?"

P/S: Don't you just want to tape their mouths up? :PpPpP

If you really want a kid, adoption is one of the many options available. But alas, some would feel that adopting a child that does not carry their mix of genes might prove to be too much for them. And then there's the question of what if the adopted child starts asking question about why does he/she look a little different from their parents. Or what if the child's biological parent/s suddenly decides to come back from some god forsaken place and demands for custody of the child.

Hence enter the surrogates. They are basically women, renting out their wombs to couples who want children, but can't have them. What caught my interest was how far some people would really go to, just to have kids. It seems countries like India, is fast becoming the land of surrogates. People from countries like USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, and even Malaysia, are flocking to India to look for willing surrogates.
... “fertility tourism” industry is offering hope to hordes of foreign childless couples due to its cheap treatments, lax regulations and willing surrogates...
It may be a relatively cheaper option for some, but it's really big money for these willing surrogates. In a way, it's actually helps people who can’t conceive or carry a pregnancy to term. You find a willing surrogate, an IVF is performed and the surrogate will carry the baby to full term. 9 months later, you have a baby in your arms.

If you ask me, I have mixed feeling about this. On one hand, yes the concept does help couples that really really want to extend their brood. On the other hand, what about the surrogates? True, they are willing to rent their wombs for a fee, but they're really doing it for the money. And even though they may not be carrying their own baby, I'm sure somehow or rather, they will develop some form of emotional attachment to the baby, right? And these willing surrogates in India, most of them are from really really poor backgrounds and this service is actually providing them an opportunity to make money. And since money is the drawing factor, does it still count as they were "willing" to provide such service in the first place? I guess in the end, it's a win-win situation for both... kua...

Maybe I'm questioning too much, heh! If you ask me whether or not I would opt for this surrogacy option, if ever I want a child... Right now my answer would be no. One, I don't exactly want a baby so badly until I would seek for such a service. Two, if it's fate we can't have a baby, then that's our fate and we accept that. Three, not having a baby is not going to kill nor render us useless in society. Four, a baby is just one of many things in life, we should not be so hung up about it and forget that life is also about so many other beautiful things.

Here are the links to read about the articles from The Star Online. Maybe you can also share with me your thoughts about the topic :)

India’s wombs for hire

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