Sunday, January 10, 2010

Delicious Nyonya @ Tropicana City Mall
We made a trip to this Nyonya outlet at Tropicana City Mall to give it a try the other weekend. We've passed this place several times, and have always noticed the relatively ok-looking crowd inside, so we figured it's worth a shot :) So we made our way there one fine morning for an early lunch.

Big-ass leaf which you can't miss.

Located on the ground floor, right next to a boutique called Mynt, Delicious Nyonya serves Nyonya delights such as pai-tee, curry kapitan, nasi lemak to name a few. They also have set lunches should you wish not to fuss your pretty head over what to order.

No-fuss interior.

Some interesting deco.

I think we were the first customers that morning LOL! The staff were still busy preparing stuff behind the counter when we walked in. Never the less, the waiter promptly came with the menu and we set our sights on the Nyonya menu.

The lime drink hubby had.

Hubby decided on the set lunch, which comes with a drink and dessert of the day. Since his set meal comes with a drink, I decided to order a sago dessert, but was later told there was so sago :( So I switched to the next favourite, chendol.

Lai-sei-ah-ma (nasi lemak)

We didn't have to wait long for our food to arrive. My nasi lemak came first, and from the 1st impression it looked pretty alright. The sauce which came with the chicken was very aromatic, I just love the lemongrass flavour~ The sambal was nice too, not to spicy. It should have onion in it though, the sambal was lacking onions. Sambals should have onions in them, no? The chicken was a tad hard, frozen chicken, tsk tsk~

Curry kapitan.

Hubby's curry kapitan with white rice looked and tasted okay too. The curry was creamy and not too spicy for me (santan always makes curry taste gooood~). The curry only came with one piece of chicken thigh, so I'm guessing it's rationed :P I preferred this over the nasi lemak.

Green bean dessert.

The dessert of the day which comes with the set was green bean. The serving was a tad small, we felt, hehe! Despite the small serving, the green bean dessert didn't disappoint. We both liked it very much. Everything about it was just right, except for the serving. The texture of the green bean, the amount of santan in it, yumyumyum~ I think they have the regular serving of this dessert in the menu as well, can't recall the price but I think it's below RM 4 per bowl.

No-fuss interior.

The chendol failed maximum. FAIL. First, we couldn't taste the gula melaka and had to asked for more. The extra gula melaka came in a small bowl, and to our discovery, it was quite watered down. We're guessing they may be using a not so good quality of gula melaka. We had to add several spoons of gula melaka into the chendol, just to bring the gula melaka taste out. Ok Ok, so we shouldn't be consuming so much of sweet stuff, but chendol without the right amount of gula melaka is a BIG NO NO in our books.

Second, the chendol was hard. It was frozen man. You can chew on it and hear yourself go crunch crunch. It was like biting on green ice. And the ice shavings were so big, I had to scope the extras out otherwise I'll just be eating ice shavings. Fail, definitely failed big time on this Malaysia favourite.

We would go back to try their other food dishes, and the green bean dessert. But stay away from their chendol. If they can get chendol wrong, I doubt they can get the ABC (ice kacang) right either.


Nice one, I should check this place out!

I really hate how you make food look so good. I'm a pig. I know.

@gallivanter go ahead, lemme know wat u think of them :)

@pocketrocket dun blame others for your gluttony BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!