Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Different Generation
Hubby and I were having lunch in one of the café at 1Utama, when we noticed a large group of teenagers, no older than 16 years, occupying a long table. Nothing unusual really, just a group of friends hanging out and possibly waiting for their friends to come join them.

We turned to look at them and noticed there was another group sitting a few feet away, and this group seem to know the 1st group we saw. We figured perhaps it was a large group of young boys and girls, all friends, chilling out together.

Like most women with observant instincts (ai-say!), naturally I took notice of the gadgets and gizmos some of the young group were holding up. All of them had their own mobile phones, some were holding digital cameras, at least one had a DLSR (complete with the flash) and at least one had an iPhone. Yes, a 16 year old with an iPhone.

Hubby and I agreed, that times have definitely changed. When we were 16, heck, I couldn't afford to even walk into KFC on my own. Let alone walk into a café and have a meal worth RM 15 and above. I only got my first mobile phone at the age of 21, when I stepped into the work force and that is after much savings involved. And today, I still can't afford an iPhone :P Well actually I can afford, just that I refuse to pay so much for that darn piece of metal, hah!

These days, the younger generation (boy do I sound old now LOL!) have a much deeper pocket, especially those born in the 90s (9-series). It kinda reminds me of the younger days. The group of friends that I hung around with in school, we lived on very very tight budgets. The only time we really hung out, was during tuition classes LOL! Even during my college days, most of our allowances were spent on assignments and art materials (which cost a bomb by the way).

I sometimes wonder though... When these kids grow up and join the work force in the future, assuming that their parents will totally cut them off any form of allowances (which means they're on their own)... Would they be able to adapt? Would they be able to survive in this relatively expensive economy? Would they be moaning and whining about money, getting new gadgets and keeping up with the trend? But then again, these days a lot of parents are pretty well off, thus are able to afford to give their children a lot of stuff. Some might even equate parental love = giving whatever my kid wants.

I heard from my parents before this story, about one of their friends' whose son, although already a working executive, still depends on his parents to settle his car loan, phone bills etc. It's like this dude can't stand up on his own, despite having a job and getting a monthly paycheck. What gives?! I think a lot of parents these days are also pampering their kids way too much, so much so the kids are completely dependent on their parents, especially when it comes to monetary matters. Kinda sad, doncha think?

To my friends with young children. Next time, your 16-year old kid might just yumcha at Hotel Nikko :P (upgraded from Starbucks).