Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Going HD (High Definition)
Our trusty ol' 29" CRT TV sits in our living room. Now before your jaws drop at the thought of a big-ass 29" CRT, allow me to explain.

When we first got our house keys almost 5 years ago,we had set aside an amount for the house, which covers renovation costs and furniture as well as electrical items. Items to fill the house to make it "live-able" you know. Back then, plasmas still cost a bomb, so that's out of the question lor.

Back then, if you had a plasma, people will be in awe already, kan? "Wah, got plasma ah? How much ah? Must be very expensive!" I remember one of our neighbours getting a 32" plasma TV, cost him RM 6K for that baby back then. Now, you can get a 32" for under RM 1.6K (yes we did laugh at him eventually).

Back then, I think only some plasmas were HD-ready. Now, everything is going HD. HD this, HD that. Heck, I just heard a radio ad today, talking about HD contact lenses kot! So does that mean with the HD contact lenses, I can see the super fine lines on that floating leaf?

Hubby and I have been giving some thoughts, to perhaps change our current CRT to a LCD TV. Haven't really confirmed anything yet la, saje got the idea. Prices of plasmas and LCDs have dropped tremendously over the last couple of years, so we might decide to get ourselves a new toy :) Deciding the the size of the LCD would be a matter too, because I've always had that feeling that 32" is a tad small :P Problem is, if you get a bigger size, but your video format is not so compatible, you might end up with the 2 black bars at the top and bottomw while you watch the movie.

See how lah. Anyone got any recommendations of LCD brand to get?


eh, recently Kev saw on - some bugger was selling 34 inches for about 3.8k.... proceeding after that one of his friends found a place that sells it for that price and you can do installments. Ho ho!

We're thinking of getting one for the shop when we break even. =_=

34" for 3.8K? wat brand is it wor?

i was in 1U best denki, panasonic LCD got promo. G series, 37" for RM 2999~

I m getting a 32" sony hd tv...about rm2200. i m moving in to kmc just about a few days time....

@littlelamb oh, new neighbour :D hihi, nice to meet u and thks for dropping by my blog. a lot of brands these days r hvg loads of promos. can practically get a 32" for under 1.5K now, HD tv too