Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mobile Phone Problems
I've had my Samsung D820 for 3.5 years now and I must say this phone has served me well throughout the tenure. It's not a very fancy phone compared to some phone models these days, but at least it has all the basic functions of a good phone.

Normally when I buy a mobile phone, the phone would be with me for a few years at least. I'm not one of those would switch phones every 6 months, heh! With my current phone, I can make calls, send text messages, surf Facebook via GPRS, take pictures and upload to my Facebook account. That's pretty much what I use my phone for really.

Over the past year or so, I've noticed a few of the keypads are not so sensitive anymore, but I guess that's wear and tear lah. Sometimes I might have to apply a little bit more pressure to the keypad, but that's really a small stuff lah. There were several occasions as well, when I make calls to another person, there was no dial tone or sound, but as this only happened a handful of times, I figured it's probably something to do with network provider problems. Little did I know it would be a sign to something else...

A few days back (Tuesday), while waiting for my yoga class to commence, one of my colleagues gave me a call. I pressed the keypad to receive the call and when I spoke into the receiver, there was no sound. I figured, ok, network issues again and hung up. I then tried to call my colleague in return, and there was no dial tone. But from my screen, I could see that the call had gone through. Strange, I thought to myself. This went on a few times until I finally gave up and SMSed my colleague instead. I still thought it was network issues...

Circa 2 days back, a Thursday to be exact. I made a call to a friend to check on something, and again, no dial tone when the line had clearly gone through. After a few tries, I gave up and sent a text message instead. Something was clearly wrong and I wasn't sure if the problem was my phone or my network provider. I related the experience to hubby and he suggested we swap phones later at home to test it out.

When we got home, hubby inserted my SIM card into his old phone and we started testing. No problems calling and receiving calls. So the problem was clearly on my Samsung D820. Hubby made a quick call to his brother who sells phones and related the problem. His brother said very likely, the speaker has kaputed and needs to be repaired. "RM 50 should be able to cover the cost" his brother said on the other line.

Speaker rosak, fix me!

And there you go, folks. My trusty Samsung D820's speakers decided to just die on me, the speakers at least. So in the mean time, I'm using hubby's old phone... a Sony Ericsson T618.

The replacement.

I'll be heading to a phone shop later, to get them to check my phone and get a quote to repair it. My Samsung D820 may not be a touch screen phone, but it has served me well until this day and I have no plans to switch to another phone just yet. Unless someone is willing to sponsor me... *ahem*... Actually I don't even know what phone to switch to (if you're going to suggest the iPhone, already 6 people have suggested that).

Oh, I even received this text message from the SE T618 once I started using it...
Hello. I am an old lousy phone. I hate myself. Why are you using me? Don't touch me!!! Drop me now!!! I hate you!!! You don't love me!!! You are only using me!!!
Actually, the phone didn't send me the message :P (in case you're wondering if the phone is possessed). It was my sister rubbing it in, blek!