Monday, January 18, 2010

My Threadless Tee

Some time last month, a group of us in the office decided to purchase some t-shirts from Threadless, in conjunction with one of their sale. At USD 9 a tee, I thought it was quite okla. Add all the shipping charges, I figured each tee would cost under RM 40. It was my first time buying something from Threadless too. So after a quick browse in their website, I decided to pick "A Birth Day" tee.

A Birth Day - Image from

I love the design. It's so twisted :PpPpPpP I was tempted to maybe pick a couple more tees from Threadless, but being a first time buyer, I didn't know how their quality was going to be like, so I stuck to just one shirt. The rest of my colleague? Well, let's just say they went on an online shopping spree ;)

After a few weeks of waiting, we got a snail mail from our Customs @ Putrajaya and guess what. Because of the large order (above RM 1000), all our shirts were stuck in Customs. Which means we have to travel all the way to Putrajaya to collect the shirts. Which also means, we have to pay extra to get it cleared. Ugh~

After much anticipation (and extra Ringgit), we finally got our Threadless tees. Because of all that fuss at Customs, each shirt now cost RM 47 in the end. A little pricey for a t-shirt if you ask me :P Some might say it's still cheap, but that's entirely their opinion lah. Threadless tees are not that great of a quality. I thought the material was a little thin (made in Bangladesh).

Here's a larger graphic of the Threadless tee I got for myself. It's probably gonna be the last tee I'll get from them :)


more than rm1000!!! =0 so is there gonna be any wear-threadless-to-work-day now? i'm gonna be getting myself 3 T-shirts for rm50 tmr at brands outlet. wee~

@quin total tee was 44pcs, hence the large amount. do the math la.

That is cute indeed, though I don't think I would wanna be seen in public wearing it. People might question my sexuality! Haha! :-)

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@janice cute rite :)

@gall y not? t-shirt only wot lol

to answer Quin's question, we did had 1 Threadless Tee Day on the last Friday I was there. Me, Agnes, Eugene, Yi Lane, Sarah and Ben Israel were all wearing Threadless on that day...totally unplanned! But it would be cool to do it every Friday no?