Wednesday, January 6, 2010

sur⋅ro⋅gate [sur-uh-geyt]
1. a person appointed to act for another; deputy.
2. (in some states) a judicial officer having jurisdiction over the probate of wills, the administration of estates, etc.
3. the deputy of an ecclesiastical judge, esp. of a bishop or a bishop's chancellor.
4. a substitute.
5. a surrogate mother.

I was reading the news online the other day and came across is article which talked about surrogates and how countries like India is offering hopes to childless couples a chance at parenthood.

The concept is pretty simple. You and your partner long to have a child (or two) but due to reasons you will never know, you can't have one. And for some, the absence of pitter-patter of little feet running around at home absolutely kills you. What more, some may even have to deal with the constant lectures from nosy relatives and friends who feel that you should "try harder" to have a child. Some may even suggest there could be "something wrong" with you. "Your biological clock is not gonna wait forever you know...", "You're getting older already, faster pop one out...", "I'm already having my third kid, when's yours coming?"

P/S: Don't you just want to tape their mouths up? :PpPpP

If you really want a kid, adoption is one of the many options available. But alas, some would feel that adopting a child that does not carry their mix of genes might prove to be too much for them. And then there's the question of what if the adopted child starts asking question about why does he/she look a little different from their parents. Or what if the child's biological parent/s suddenly decides to come back from some god forsaken place and demands for custody of the child.

Hence enter the surrogates. They are basically women, renting out their wombs to couples who want children, but can't have them. What caught my interest was how far some people would really go to, just to have kids. It seems countries like India, is fast becoming the land of surrogates. People from countries like USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, and even Malaysia, are flocking to India to look for willing surrogates.

... “fertility tourism” industry is offering hope to hordes of foreign childless couples due to its cheap treatments, lax regulations and willing surrogates...
It may be a relatively cheaper option for some, but it's really big money for these willing surrogates. In a way, it's actually helps people who can’t conceive or carry a pregnancy to term. You find a willing surrogate, an IVF is performed and the surrogate will carry the baby to full term. 9 months later, you have a baby in your arms.

If you ask me, I have mixed feeling about this. On one hand, yes the concept does help couples that really really want to extend their brood. On the other hand, what about the surrogates? True, they are willing to rent their wombs for a fee, but they're really doing it for the money. And even though they may not be carrying their own baby, I'm sure somehow or rather, they will develop some form of emotional attachment to the baby, right? And these willing surrogates in India, most of them are from really really poor backgrounds and this service is actually providing them an opportunity to make money. And since money is the drawing factor, does it still count as they were "willing" to provide such service in the first place? I guess in the end, it's a win-win situation for both... kua...

Maybe I'm questioning too much, heh! If you ask me whether or not I would opt for this surrogacy option, if ever I want a child... Right now my answer would be no. One, I don't exactly want a baby so badly until I would seek for such a service. Two, if it's fate we can't have a baby, then that's our fate and we accept that. Three, not having a baby is not going to kill nor render us useless in society. Four, a baby is just one of many things in life, we should not be so hung up about it and forget that life is also about so many other beautiful things.

Here are the links to read about the articles from The Star Online. Maybe you can also share with me your thoughts about the topic :)

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