Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beh Paiseh (not shy)
Case #1 - Invitation
The invite clearly says only you are invited. And the host has graciously explained to you the reason why he is unable to accommodate your partner. And yet you RSVP-ed yourself and your partner (because your partner was your ride - pun not intended). The host had to personally explain to you again why he cannot accommodate your partner. You eventually decided not to attend the event. Because your partner wasn't allowed to attend it.

Case #2 - Sandwich
A "Buy 1 Free 1" sandwich coupon means you actually split the cost for the sandwich. It doesn't mean you TAKE THE FREE sandwich and let the other person foot the entire bill. And to add insult to injury, you had to lie about paying the other person back when you were questioned about it. You eventually paid your share the following day, but I guess it's because you heard us talking about it LOL!

Case #3 - Hogging
It's selfish to hog up the whole court just for your kids to play, and deprive the others who had paid to go into the courts to play. The courts were booked for serious sports, not for little children to jump about and have family outings. If you and your kids really want to utilise the courts, maybe you should just pay for the full membership.

For crying out loud, have some common sense and manners wei. You can't blame people for talking about you, when you react in such a crude manner.


but common sense is not very common wor

@suanie i think common sense is not in her vocab oso...!