Friday, March 12, 2010

Of Mobile Phones And Being On The Road
I bet you, 95% of the population is guilty of this. Driving while talking on the mobile phone. Be it on the hands-free or not, 95% of the population will do this.

We've heard time and again, how dangerous it is to drive and talk on the mobile phone at the same time. The device creates a distraction, when the drive should really be concentrating on the road. Ok, so you say you use the hands-free or you're on the loudspeaker. It still doesn't change the fact that you're on the mobile and driving at the same time. The worser ones even SMSes while driving. How do they do that, I really salute them. And I also what to say what morons they are...!

I get annoyed when hubby uses his mobile while driving. Really annoyed :P One hand on the wheel, the other holding the mobile phone (loudspeaker function on). I really don't like it at all when he does that. I care for his safety. And when you're driving, you really need to concentrate sometimes, as you might already know, there are plenty of morons on the road.

I sometimes nag him (sorry dear!) about this, he knows that I'm only concern about this safety. And so I try to discourage him to answer phone calls when he's driving. It will take some perseverance on his end, and I hope he does persevere to resist picking up the phone whenever it rings. Just let the caller wait a while, chillax~

And if I get really REALLY annoyed I might just pick up the phone and tell the caller off. I don't fucking care how important your project is, my man is driving and his safety supersedes everything else. You want to talk to him, you talk to me first.

And some of the worse offenders... are iPhone users.


i love it when ppl calls while i'm driving.

feels like i have a secretary. my wife will answer and relay the msg to me, i'll respond and she'll relay it to the caller. dBoss appreciates me more. :P