Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Prayer Of Strength

Life is like a box of chocolate... You never know whatcha gonna get~
Forrest Gump

I've recently come to know a couple of rather disheartening news in regards to two friends of mine. Both of which saddens me and also brought upon hurt and sadness to my friends.

The first one, after almost a decade long relationship, the guy decided to call it quits. What saddens my friend more was that the guy, didn't know how to be a man at all. The many lame excuses that were given by him over the bad breakup was atrocious. To cut a long story short, he wanted a woman who would serve him, just like how his mother would. My friend was hurt of course, but it's also a blessing in disguise. This pussy of a man didn't deserve her at all. He's better off marrying a maid, or his mother.

Another friend of mine had just lost something very precious to her. And it pains me to hear that she has had to go the shit I've had to go through (twice) two years ago. I'm very sorry to hear the news, sweetie. If you need a shoulder to cry on, just call on me. You're not alone, your family and friends will always be by your side. Please take care of yourself, promise me that you would look after your health. Nothing is more important that your health, because without it, you cannot proceed to do other things.

My prayers to both my friends, is that you find the strength among your family and friends, and within yourselves, to stand up again and look forward. I hope that your scars would heal in time, and that you can continue to find love and come to realise our lives consist of different chapters, some pleasant, some not so pleasant. I hope that you do not get hung up on that one form of pain that has struck you, and neglect the many other beautiful things around that also makes life.

Namo Amithaba.