Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Japanese Lunch @ Genji, PJ Hilton
A group of us headed towards the other side of the world (LOL! Private joke here :P) for lunch recently. It was a treat from the boss, after all that hard work and effort the team has put into a big project. The last time I was in Genji was a few months back with some friends, for their weekend buffet spread.

Genji's ala carte menu.

Genji's bento fair for the month of April - June 2010. Has your eyeballs popped out yet?

Some appetizer. Fail.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we munched on the little appetizers on our table. This was a mixture of shredded carrot, coupled with some seaweed and jellyfish. The seaweed was hard. I don't know if it's meant to be that hard, but it's freaking hard.

Hana bento (RM 85).

A colleague of mine had the Hana bento set. It has soft shell crab, maki (hand roll), some slices of sashimi, and sabayaki (grilled saba).

Sushi bento set RM 90).

Another colleague and I decided to share a bento set, which was a good thing because it came with a bowl of soba. This set has mixed sushi, maki (hand roll), slices of sashimi and some bean curd sushi.

Honestly, Genji's ala carte menu is very over priced. Perhaps being in the hotel justifies their pricing. But really, for that kind of pricing, you would expect better quality food, right? I personally felt that their sashimi was not very good nor fresh to begin with. Seriously, their weekend buffet spread is a way better deal compared to their ala carte menu. Even the sashimi served during the buffet is of better quality!

Kaki chilli mayo - Baked oyster in chilli mayo RM 14/pc).

This was probably the highlight of the entire lunch. At RM 14 a pop, the oysters were quite large and flavourful. Thanks to the chilli mayo of course. Squeeze a dash of lemon juice and this aphrodisiac is gorgeous to the tongue.

I would go back to Genji again, but only for their weekend buffet. Ala carte fail.


90 bucks for bento is really expensive wor...

Can almost go to Jagoya d...Eat till you lau sai

@kevin LOL hotel pricing i guess. their wkend buffet better quality, i feel la.

:) but the oysters....damn nice ler...

@kevin they were not bad :)