Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Petty Annoyances
These petty annoyances are all over the place these days.

Groups that are too lazy to work for their own good.

Groups that rather depend on handouts and quotas and scream marginalization when they don't get their way (or when told to learn English).

Groups that insist they must defend their rights and not let anyone take nor erode them.

Groups that insist they are the rightful people of this land, and that all others are pendatang.

Groups who feel that they are the sons of God and they are the one and only true beings. And that all others are creation of the Devil perhaps, here to stomp on them.

Groups that form almost 60% of the country's population, and yet insist that they are being marginalized (yes they failed their Maths very bad).

Continue your backward mentality, and let the rest of the world see you from a very bad angle. You're doing a pretty good job by making a mockery out of yourselves.

One day you will realise the world has progressed to greater heights, and you're trailing light years away.


What's the name of this parasite you are talking about???

@doc the silly group headed by a silly fat man la. "don't talk shit don't talk shit don't talk shit". and i heard from a former school teacher, some of the teachers in school kena brainwash and are now acting like arrogant bitches summore.