Sunday, April 4, 2010

Poor Poor Customer Service From SIC
Hubby and I were back in hubby's hometown up north, for the annual Qing Ming festival. Hubby received a text message on Friday night, from a family friend, asking him if he would like to catch the Malaysian Grand Prix live.


So we came back to KL a day ahead of schedule, so that hubby didn't have to rush so much. Moreover, the boys decided that it's best to take the SkyBus to the race circuit. Now this is where the complain starts.

While still in SP, hubby checked out the many ways he and our friend can make their way to Sepang. Driving was an option, however, parking was going to be a major problem due to the bad traffic there. Another alternative was taking the bus there. After checking out some alternatives, hubby realised that they can take the SkyBus there, departing from 1Utama. How convenient. So hubby made a phone call to this number at SIC (Sepang International Circuit) just to check out the details of the SkyBus. Guess what...?

The people manning the phone lines cannot speak a decent word of English. WTF!

When hubby realised the other guy on the line was struggling with the language, he switched language to Bee Em. To which the guy started blabbering in Bee Em, but it was as though they were so disorganized about the arrangements. Fine.

So we drove back to KL on a Friday, and detoured to 1Utama to check out the SkyBus counter. To our surprised, the counter was closed. Again hubby made a phone call to SIC to check with them again, and again the people were like kelam-kabut. How pathetic. If the organisers of SIC really want this Grand Prix to attract more tourists, they sure as hell are doing a fucked on job. Firstly, you should hire Customer Service personnel that can speak decent English to man the phone lines. You're catering to the world, man! What, you're in Malaysia so you cannot cakap Bahasa orang putih, is that it? So you expect the orang putih, orang German, orang Jepun, orang America, orang British and the many other nationalities that come into the country for this event, to speak Bee Em?

Vents aside, hubby made a direct call to SkyBus and they were smart enough the give hubby the right information and the boys boarded the bus at 1Utama en route to SIC this afternoon. And as I'm blogging about this, hubby and our family friend are already at the Grandstand somewhere, patiently anticipating for the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix to begin. It's hubby's first time there, and I'm glad he has the chance to experience the race live this year :) Thanks again to our family friend, Eric Gan (you rawk!).


Eh never ever drive there for this kindda things. Not safe to park there and they probably charge you an arm or a leg. Public transport is the best way.

@kevin nola, wl never drive to such events. bus more convenient.