Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sakura Sakura • Hataka @ SS 15, Subang Jaya
Sakura~~~ Sakura~~~ Ya yo i no so ra -- wa~~~ (click here for the song)

This song comes to mind when I think about sakura, hehe! Sakura or cherry blossoms, is the national flower of Japan. People always say that one of the best times to visit the land of the rising sun, is during spring, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. I hope one day hubby and I are able to make that trip to Japan and witness the blooms for ourselves :D

We made a trip to Sakura Sakura • Hataka over the weekend. This newbie is not hard to find. If you're familiar with the row of shoplots just opposite SDMC (formerly known as SJMC) in Subang Jaya, you'll remember there's a quaint little Japanese restaurant by the name of Shun. Now Shun happens to be one of our favourite Japanese restaurants (we especially love their Shun bento). Unfortunately, Shun is no longer there (bwahhh!) and taking its old location is Sakura Sakura • Hataka.

Sakura Sakura • Hataka.

Hubby and I did ponder though, if the management of Shun rebranded themselves to Sakura Sakura • Hataka, as a few of the waitresses were the same faces. The chefs behind the counter were different though, and the familiar face of the Japanese chef was no longer there. But enough of the people, what about the food quality?

Some of Sakura Sakura • Hataka's bento sets.

There were a selection of bento lunch sets available for lunch hour. Pretty decent stuff, I might add (but no more Shun bento, bwahhhh!). As for the pricing, it was somewhat priced slightly cheaper than Shun. Hubby decided to try their chicken teriyaki set, while I settled for the sashimi set.

The interior of Sakura Sakura • Hataka. Pretty much the former interior of Shun, but with some new wooden fixtures and IKEA lights.

Sakura~~~ Sakura~~~

I spy a little sakura.

Garlic rice. Noms~~~

Before the mains came, we had the salad and chawan mushi. The chawan mushi was excellent! Hubby's teriyaki rice came next. It was quite a pleasant surprise to see garlic fried rice served with the set. Most places would serve normal Japanese rice, but here at Sakura Sakura • Hataka, the bentos were served with an aromatic bowl of garlic fried rice.

Tender slices of teriyaki chicken.

Sashimi bento set.

Wa-lah! My sashimi bento set :D It has a bowl of garlic fried rice, 3 pcs of tempura, a simple California roll, and slices of sashimi. One thing we noticed was that the serving size was a little smaller compared to Shun, but none the less pretty decent quality of food. Oh, the tsuyu for the wasabi was somewhat different too. It didn't look like the normal Japanese light soy sauce you normally get. In fact, it looked more like dark soy sauce LOL!

Salmon sashimi, nom nom nom~

Overall, we both agreed that Sakura Sakura • Hataka is not bad. Service was prompt and polite. A pretty extensive menu to boot with accompanying pictures if you're not sure what to expect. As for the lunch bento pricing, it's higher than Rakuzen, which is located just across the main road.

We still miss Shun though, for they had something on their menu no other places have - SHUN BENTO!