Sunday, May 30, 2010

This morning, while glancing my Facebook news feed, a headline which a friend had posted caught my attention. Curiosity got the better of me, I duly clicked on it to read the details, hehe!

The article in a major online news portal was talking about the setting up of a "hatchery" for unwanted babies in this country. This module has been approved by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, and is modeled after countries like Germany and Japan.

A hatchery?! What on earth? You mean like cocoons and stuff?! Images of sci-fi hatcheries came to my mind LOL! :P

Actually, the idea and concept of a baby hatch is where an unwanted child might be left anonymously by parents. Instead of dumping the baby by the roadside and leaving it to die, this hatch will serve as a transit point for the abandoned baby, before they get adopted. From time to time, the media has highlighted stories of newborns, dumped either in trash bins or into the toilets, left to die by the very same people who gave them life (I refuse to call them parents as they have no right to that title). So OrphanCare, an NGO, decided that a baby hatchery system might at least give these abandoned babies a chance in life, to be adopted by families who really really want them.

The idea of setting up a baby hatch in this country also received some flak from certain parties, as they were concerned if such an idea would be seen as increasing the idea of pre-martial sex and giving certain irresponsible people more reasons to discard their babies.

Look people, pre-martial sex among the young is nothing new, ok? Get with the facts.

The young are getting their information from all over the place, and what's more important for them is to understanding the consequences of their actions rather than barring and hiding the truth from them. Teenagers are having sex out there, whether you want to accept the dry facts or not. If you have a young daughter or son now, given a few more years, their hormones will start to build their exploring minds and they will start to question things around them. You can't stop pre-marital sex, namely because our human hormones is wired in such a way, but you could at least educate and teach them what it is and the consequences that come with it. And if the result of their actions is a baby and they can't handle it, the hatchery is an option for them, and for the innocent baby, an access to possibly, a better, more structured life.

Of course that doesn't mean one should just fuck around and start spreading their seeds just for fucks sake. That would not only be a sin from a religious point of view, but also from a humanity point of view. You create a life, and then you kill a life. How do some people live with that, I really don't know. Perhaps to some, a life is nothing more than a fleeting heart beat. It beats, and then it stops.

I was relating this piece of article to hubby, and how I think it's a feasible options for these babies to a chance in life. At least they won't be left on the streets to die. At least there's this place that would accept them and help find them a good family and home. At least people who really want to adopt children can now have an avenue to legally adopt children, instead of turning to illegal or underground baby selling rackets.

I also told hubby that, if, in the event, due to circumstances that are beyond our control, that we can't have our own children, I might just consider adoption (that is, if I really want a kid la). He looked at me and smiled "Do you want children?". "Not right now I don't" I replied. "But if in the event we really can't have our own, and if I really want a kid, I would adopt. Because I don't see what's the difference between having our own kid, and adopting one." I continued. Hubby gave me the biggest smile, held my hand tightly and nodded with agreement.

Children are a blessing, my mum once said. Therefore, a blessing should be valued and taken care of. I've know some people who want to have children but are unable to due to circumstances only known to them, or, having gone through an unlucky streak, lost a child. I know what it feels like, for I myself have lost two. Which was probably why this article caught my attention so much today, heh!

If a good family can give a new life to a child, regardless of its genetics & DNA, isn't that something good and noble? After all, a life is a precious gift from God (whichever God you choose to believe in). And shouldn't all precious life be given a chance to live?

Read more about OrphanCare and their objectives here.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tri-Colour Quinoa
Remember I once blogged about hubby and I having to eat quinoa occasionally? Not only is it a healthier option to rice and potatoes, it's also packed with essential amino acids and high in protein. We've been consuming quinoa since 2007, occasionally mixing it with soups, salads and sometimes just replacing rice with it. We don't completely eliminate rice and other carbs from our diet, that's not something we would practise. We look at quinoa as an alternative form of dietary intake.

Tri-colour quinoa, good stuff!

We were doing our weekly grocery shopping at Carrefour @ Tropicana City Mall recently, and spotted this bag at the organic section. Tri-colour quinoa! Fuwah! First time we've seen this! MOst of the time we've only seen the pearl quinoas, but never the tri-colour variant.

This tri-colour variant consist of 3 types of quinoa, namely: black, red and pearl quinoa. You can also opt to get the 3 types in their separate packaging.

Seeing how unique this is, we bought a pack and decided to add into the mushroom soup we were planning to have that night. The tri-colour quinoa cost almost RM 20.

Tri-colour quinoa after it's done.

Cooking the tri-colour quinoa is the same as how you would cook the regular pearl quinoa. Boil a pot of water, and then pour the quinoa into the boiling water, and let it cook until it's done. Really simple stuff. And because it's such a versatile food, you can have it with just about anything!

I like putting some quinoa into soups. I like the texture of it, the little chewy bits and the crunchiness. Noms~

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Thoughts
You shouldn't annoy me. Only I can annoy me. Kapish?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Les Studio Yoga @ Taman Megah
A girlfriend and I have been members of this yoga studio in Petaling Jaya for over 3 years. We've always liked the classes and instructors there. And because we like the flexibility of payment options they offer, we opted for the monthly auto-debit service (which debits the monthly membership fee of RM 70 into our credit cards). Some members, preferring the lower membership cost, would opt for the 6-months or 12-months package (depending on when they have such offers). And like most studios, there's a 2-month refundable deposit as well.

About 4 weeks ago, one of the instructors informed us that the person operating Les Studio (we know him as Les, it's on his name card, no joke) has decided to close down the business. As most concern members would be, we questioned about our membership etc. He assured us that he will work something out with the instructor, who was already planning to open her own studio just down the block (it was already in the works).

When I asked him why was he closing down the studio, he cited "downward trend", high rental etc. Ok, if that's his story, I'll give it to him. Then I inquired about the memberships. Les told us, probably he will transfer the membership over to the new studio. Sounds like a plan. What about an official notice from him? He said he will come out with one in time.

For the next 2 weeks or so, each time we turn up at the studio, he's never there. Some members say he's around, just not "around the studio". No official statement, no updates. WTF right? So when exactly are you planning to officially inform your members that you were closing the studio again? Classes still went on, albeit a reduced number of classes per week.

Last week, he was a no-show again, but classes were on. Even the instructor had problems locating Les. And it was then we found out from the instructor that... Les had claimed to have informed all the members regarding the news already, and that he will transfer the membership to the instructor's new studio. The instructor was shocked too, just as we were, because she had not received any official documents of any sort regarding the membership transfer. Fuck. Did he "jau lou" (run away)? The instructor promptly told us to cancel whatever auto-debit we had with the studio.

I've been trying to call Les for a few days already, but to no avail. I called the bank in hopes to terminate the auto-debit, but the bank said only the merchant can cancel to auto-debit service. Fuck. Which means Les might not have terminated our auto-debits at all. Which means I will have to cancel my credit card instead, so that the auto-debit will be terminated. It's a small issue for me, because that would mean I will have to reapply for a new card and transfer my other auto-debit services over to the new card (aiya, have to make a few phone calls to do the transfer).

Today, I went up to Les Studio, just to see if their doors were opened. As we were driving nearer to the studio, hubby saw some people holding yoga mats, walking back into their cars. Fuck. Really tutup kedai ah? Through enough, I ran up to see the purple door shut tight. Bunting also hilang dy. Tiu! Bloody scumbag closed down with no official notice. There goes our refundable deposits!

So there you have it, Oli's con job story. Was texting the instructor to update her on my predicament, and she too felt conned by this scumbag. I guess I will lose my 2-months deposit, and now I'm hoping I won't be billed next month either. At most I will lose 3-months value, but that's small compared to some other members who had signed up for the 6-months or 12-months package. I even heard that some members had just signed up 2 months ago. Sad. To be taken for such a ride like that. The instructor also shared with me that some members are getting together to make a police report about this case.

I believe in karma. What goes around comes around. And I hope you get what you deserve, you scum. You're a fucking bitch for pulling this con job on us. I hope I don't see you walking on the streets. I might just decide to run you down and leave you by the pavement to rot.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

To The Land Below The Wind
Spent a couple of days in Kota Kinabalu recently, for some quality "sister" time with my younger sister who is based there. As well as witness the Registration Of Marriage (ROM) of her and Mr Chin (congrats again you two!). Here's a photo summary of our cool trip.

Guess who greeted us on board the flight to KK...!

Fabulous sun set @ Tanjung Aru beach, KK.

Clean and reasonably priced rooms @ Hotel Eden 54, Gaya Street.

After the official signing ceremony.
(Guy: OMG was I suckered into this?!?)

Super fresh prawns @ Gayang Seafood Restaurant, Tuaran.

Super fresh tiger garoupa @ Gayang Seafood Restaurant, Tuaran.

A horse at Sabah Turf Club (NyeEeHHhHhh~)

A ginormous tiger prawn. I kid you not!

A view of Gaya Street Sunday morning market.

Tanjung Aru beach, taken from the Kinabalu Yacht Club.
See the storm clouds on the left?

For more photos, go to my online photo gallery here (click on the KK Trip 2010 link).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Murderer Of Gaya Street

I fool you with my eyes.
Those big round yellow rings of sweetness.
Making you melt at the very sight of them.

Hypnotism is second nature to me.
And how you fall under my control each time.
It's just too easy.

Cats rule the world.
Or so we like to think that way.
We're the masters, and you're the kuli.

Now gimme a cuddle~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quote of The Day
Got this from my colleagues the other week, makes a lot of sense when you read it HAHA!
Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.

- Ellen Goodman

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pride & Glory
The Thomas Cup Championship is back again! Who will lift this prestigious cup this year? Would it be the reigning holder, China? I hear the Koreans are coming out full force this year too. Indonesia says don't underestimate them. What about our Malaysian team? Can they lift the cup again after an 18-year wait?

I think many Malaysians have gotten their tickets to watch some of the matches scheduled from today until semi-finals. I believe many have a 'wait-and-see' approach this year as to whether or not our national team can reach the finals. I also believe that many will be asking the same question: "Do you think our Malaysian team can reach the finals?"

I've heard many stories before about our glory days in sports. How many many years ago, we had fantastic sportsmen. Sportsmen that very really really talented and good and really gave their all for the country.

So what really happened to those days?

That's easy to answer. Politics got in the way. When you have meddling politicians getting in the way of sports, the true value of sportsmanship will be eroded. People start thinking for themselves and the money they can pocket. People start to control the outcome of sports and the results they want to see. Bribes start appearing. Everything hush-hush. Values get swept under the carpets. Fingers start pointing. Blames get thrown all over the place.

Sports and politics should never be put together. You fucking want to play politics, go join UMNO/MCA/MIC/whatever shit organisations out there.

A lot of people have said that our national badminton squad lacks consistency. Some of the players don't seem to really care how their game will be. Perhaps they lack the fighting spirit. Or perhaps they just don't give a damn. Whatever the reason may be, deep in every Malaysian heart is a hope that the team could once again lift the cup with much pride.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Keep Rolling Rolling Rolling~~~

I've been hearing a lot about this product from Garnier, and decided to give it a try (vanity sake, haha!). I've always been using an eye cream from the L'Oréal Revitalift range, which is pretty good if you ask me, but decided to give its sister company a shot. If you didn't already know, Garnier is under the L'Oréal group.

This eye roll-on is said to be enriched with caffeine, and helps to hydrate, cool and refresh tired-looking eyes. The metal roller ball is said to help massage your eyes too, and is cool to the touch.

I've been using this product for several weeks now, and what I like about it is the roller ball. The skin around my eyes tingles when the roller touches it, hehe. Also, because of its size, I think it's really handy for traveling. I don't have to worry about spillage at all. Now, if you're gonna ask me if this products really does help with dark circles, my answer would be this...

I do have a small issue of slightly darker tone just under both my eyes, but it's not serious at all. It could be that some tiny capillaries just under the eyes are of darker tone, but that's it. As for this product, it's not making much of a difference HAHAHAHA!!! There's no negative result of course, but I can't say there's much positive result either. In fact, I think the previous eye cream that I was using (from the L'Oréal Revitalift range) yielded better results :P

But I still like the roller ball~~~