Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Les Studio Yoga @ Taman Megah
A girlfriend and I have been members of this yoga studio in Petaling Jaya for over 3 years. We've always liked the classes and instructors there. And because we like the flexibility of payment options they offer, we opted for the monthly auto-debit service (which debits the monthly membership fee of RM 70 into our credit cards). Some members, preferring the lower membership cost, would opt for the 6-months or 12-months package (depending on when they have such offers). And like most studios, there's a 2-month refundable deposit as well.

About 4 weeks ago, one of the instructors informed us that the person operating Les Studio (we know him as Les, it's on his name card, no joke) has decided to close down the business. As most concern members would be, we questioned about our membership etc. He assured us that he will work something out with the instructor, who was already planning to open her own studio just down the block (it was already in the works).

When I asked him why was he closing down the studio, he cited "downward trend", high rental etc. Ok, if that's his story, I'll give it to him. Then I inquired about the memberships. Les told us, probably he will transfer the membership over to the new studio. Sounds like a plan. What about an official notice from him? He said he will come out with one in time.

For the next 2 weeks or so, each time we turn up at the studio, he's never there. Some members say he's around, just not "around the studio". No official statement, no updates. WTF right? So when exactly are you planning to officially inform your members that you were closing the studio again? Classes still went on, albeit a reduced number of classes per week.

Last week, he was a no-show again, but classes were on. Even the instructor had problems locating Les. And it was then we found out from the instructor that... Les had claimed to have informed all the members regarding the news already, and that he will transfer the membership to the instructor's new studio. The instructor was shocked too, just as we were, because she had not received any official documents of any sort regarding the membership transfer. Fuck. Did he "jau lou" (run away)? The instructor promptly told us to cancel whatever auto-debit we had with the studio.

I've been trying to call Les for a few days already, but to no avail. I called the bank in hopes to terminate the auto-debit, but the bank said only the merchant can cancel to auto-debit service. Fuck. Which means Les might not have terminated our auto-debits at all. Which means I will have to cancel my credit card instead, so that the auto-debit will be terminated. It's a small issue for me, because that would mean I will have to reapply for a new card and transfer my other auto-debit services over to the new card (aiya, have to make a few phone calls to do the transfer).

Today, I went up to Les Studio, just to see if their doors were opened. As we were driving nearer to the studio, hubby saw some people holding yoga mats, walking back into their cars. Fuck. Really tutup kedai ah? Through enough, I ran up to see the purple door shut tight. Bunting also hilang dy. Tiu! Bloody scumbag closed down with no official notice. There goes our refundable deposits!

So there you have it, Oli's con job story. Was texting the instructor to update her on my predicament, and she too felt conned by this scumbag. I guess I will lose my 2-months deposit, and now I'm hoping I won't be billed next month either. At most I will lose 3-months value, but that's small compared to some other members who had signed up for the 6-months or 12-months package. I even heard that some members had just signed up 2 months ago. Sad. To be taken for such a ride like that. The instructor also shared with me that some members are getting together to make a police report about this case.

I believe in karma. What goes around comes around. And I hope you get what you deserve, you scum. You're a fucking bitch for pulling this con job on us. I hope I don't see you walking on the streets. I might just decide to run you down and leave you by the pavement to rot.


Eh btw, if you file a report to the police and then smack in into the bank's face - cannot ah? :P