Sunday, May 30, 2010

This morning, while glancing my Facebook news feed, a headline which a friend had posted caught my attention. Curiosity got the better of me, I duly clicked on it to read the details, hehe!

The article in a major online news portal was talking about the setting up of a "hatchery" for unwanted babies in this country. This module has been approved by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, and is modeled after countries like Germany and Japan.

A hatchery?! What on earth? You mean like cocoons and stuff?! Images of sci-fi hatcheries came to my mind LOL! :P

Actually, the idea and concept of a baby hatch is where an unwanted child might be left anonymously by parents. Instead of dumping the baby by the roadside and leaving it to die, this hatch will serve as a transit point for the abandoned baby, before they get adopted. From time to time, the media has highlighted stories of newborns, dumped either in trash bins or into the toilets, left to die by the very same people who gave them life (I refuse to call them parents as they have no right to that title). So OrphanCare, an NGO, decided that a baby hatchery system might at least give these abandoned babies a chance in life, to be adopted by families who really really want them.

The idea of setting up a baby hatch in this country also received some flak from certain parties, as they were concerned if such an idea would be seen as increasing the idea of pre-martial sex and giving certain irresponsible people more reasons to discard their babies.

Look people, pre-martial sex among the young is nothing new, ok? Get with the facts.

The young are getting their information from all over the place, and what's more important for them is to understanding the consequences of their actions rather than barring and hiding the truth from them. Teenagers are having sex out there, whether you want to accept the dry facts or not. If you have a young daughter or son now, given a few more years, their hormones will start to build their exploring minds and they will start to question things around them. You can't stop pre-marital sex, namely because our human hormones is wired in such a way, but you could at least educate and teach them what it is and the consequences that come with it. And if the result of their actions is a baby and they can't handle it, the hatchery is an option for them, and for the innocent baby, an access to possibly, a better, more structured life.

Of course that doesn't mean one should just fuck around and start spreading their seeds just for fucks sake. That would not only be a sin from a religious point of view, but also from a humanity point of view. You create a life, and then you kill a life. How do some people live with that, I really don't know. Perhaps to some, a life is nothing more than a fleeting heart beat. It beats, and then it stops.

I was relating this piece of article to hubby, and how I think it's a feasible options for these babies to a chance in life. At least they won't be left on the streets to die. At least there's this place that would accept them and help find them a good family and home. At least people who really want to adopt children can now have an avenue to legally adopt children, instead of turning to illegal or underground baby selling rackets.

I also told hubby that, if, in the event, due to circumstances that are beyond our control, that we can't have our own children, I might just consider adoption (that is, if I really want a kid la). He looked at me and smiled "Do you want children?". "Not right now I don't" I replied. "But if in the event we really can't have our own, and if I really want a kid, I would adopt. Because I don't see what's the difference between having our own kid, and adopting one." I continued. Hubby gave me the biggest smile, held my hand tightly and nodded with agreement.

Children are a blessing, my mum once said. Therefore, a blessing should be valued and taken care of. I've know some people who want to have children but are unable to due to circumstances only known to them, or, having gone through an unlucky streak, lost a child. I know what it feels like, for I myself have lost two. Which was probably why this article caught my attention so much today, heh!

If a good family can give a new life to a child, regardless of its genetics & DNA, isn't that something good and noble? After all, a life is a precious gift from God (whichever God you choose to believe in). And shouldn't all precious life be given a chance to live?

Read more about OrphanCare and their objectives here.