Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pride & Glory

The Thomas Cup Championship is back again! Who will lift this prestigious cup this year? Would it be the reigning holder, China? I hear the Koreans are coming out full force this year too. Indonesia says don't underestimate them. What about our Malaysian team? Can they lift the cup again after an 18-year wait?

I think many Malaysians have gotten their tickets to watch some of the matches scheduled from today until semi-finals. I believe many have a 'wait-and-see' approach this year as to whether or not our national team can reach the finals. I also believe that many will be asking the same question: "Do you think our Malaysian team can reach the finals?"

I've heard many stories before about our glory days in sports. How many many years ago, we had fantastic sportsmen. Sportsmen that very really really talented and good and really gave their all for the country.

So what really happened to those days?

That's easy to answer. Politics got in the way. When you have meddling politicians getting in the way of sports, the true value of sportsmanship will be eroded. People start thinking for themselves and the money they can pocket. People start to control the outcome of sports and the results they want to see. Bribes start appearing. Everything hush-hush. Values get swept under the carpets. Fingers start pointing. Blames get thrown all over the place.

Sports and politics should never be put together. You fucking want to play politics, go join UMNO/MCA/MIC/whatever shit organisations out there.

A lot of people have said that our national badminton squad lacks consistency. Some of the players don't seem to really care how their game will be. Perhaps they lack the fighting spirit. Or perhaps they just don't give a damn. Whatever the reason may be, deep in every Malaysian heart is a hope that the team could once again lift the cup with much pride.