Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tri-Colour Quinoa
Remember I once blogged about hubby and I having to eat quinoa occasionally? Not only is it a healthier option to rice and potatoes, it's also packed with essential amino acids and high in protein. We've been consuming quinoa since 2007, occasionally mixing it with soups, salads and sometimes just replacing rice with it. We don't completely eliminate rice and other carbs from our diet, that's not something we would practise. We look at quinoa as an alternative form of dietary intake.

Tri-colour quinoa, good stuff!

We were doing our weekly grocery shopping at Carrefour @ Tropicana City Mall recently, and spotted this bag at the organic section. Tri-colour quinoa! Fuwah! First time we've seen this! MOst of the time we've only seen the pearl quinoas, but never the tri-colour variant.

This tri-colour variant consist of 3 types of quinoa, namely: black, red and pearl quinoa. You can also opt to get the 3 types in their separate packaging.

Seeing how unique this is, we bought a pack and decided to add into the mushroom soup we were planning to have that night. The tri-colour quinoa cost almost RM 20.

Tri-colour quinoa after it's done.

Cooking the tri-colour quinoa is the same as how you would cook the regular pearl quinoa. Boil a pot of water, and then pour the quinoa into the boiling water, and let it cook until it's done. Really simple stuff. And because it's such a versatile food, you can have it with just about anything!

I like putting some quinoa into soups. I like the texture of it, the little chewy bits and the crunchiness. Noms~