Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Charantou Siew Yuk @ Tmn Megah
Went to this new roasted pork belly restaurant (siew yuk) near Tmn Megah area with my cousin, after getting recommendation from a friend (she said the skin was too crispy!). It's situated right next to Fu Kua Rstaurant. Sat down and took a look at their menu. Roasted pork belly was their specialty. So we decided to give it a try. Ordered 2 plates of roasted pork belly rice, and another to takeaway.

Chatted with my cousin while waiting for our food. Watching other tables get their food. The roasted pork belly the other table was having seems decent. Waited some more. The boss saw us and we signalled that our food hasn't arrive. He quickly went to check and walk to our table... "Sorry ah, we ran out of siew yuk. Can I change your oder to char siew instead?"

-________________________-" Oklor, no choice.

Char siew failed maximum. Too dry. No sauce/gravy. Rice was dry too, a little hard. And the side vegetables that came with our rice were too oily. While eating, the boss came to our table again and said... "Sorry ah, can't give you takeaway, we ran out of char siew."

-________________________-" Fine fine, cancel the takeaway.

Today is their first day of operations. Can tell they're inexperienced in handling and operating a F&B outlet. I asked the young lady if they roast their own siew yuk and stuff, and she gleefully replied yet and added that they under-estimated the crowd on their first day, hence they ran out of meat really fast.

"How did you find our siew yuk? Did you like it?"

"I didn't have the chance to try it. You guys ran out of it..."

"OMG I'm soooo sorry! Come back tomorrow ok! Come earlier to try it!"

Fortunately for this week, everything is half price. I wouldn't have paid full price for crappy char siew! At RM 8.50 a plate (normal price), it's a little pricey for a plate of roast pork belly rice though....~


wah 8.50???? Can go McD already. Got aircon, drinks included some more.