Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kudos to RHB Customer Service Call Centre Manager
A while back, I blogged about how RHB pissed me off by shoving the debit card into my face and giving me false information about phasing out the ATM card and it being a directive from our central bank, Bank Negara. After that rant, I decided not to activate the card at all and just cut it up perhaps.

Today, at approximately 4.20pm, I got a call from this number which I didn't recognise. It was a lady from RHB Customer Service, her name is Norma. At first I thought it was one of those random survey calls, as she asked if I had some time to spare. So I took the call outside the working area and went to the office lounge.

Turns out, Norma was actually calling to clarify with me in regards to the debit card matter I had raised in my blog. She asked me if I could relate to her exactly what was it that made me so pissed off, so I related to her the conversation that transpired between me and the customer service guy the other day. I told her that the guy said:

- RHB is actually phasing out the current ATM card, a new policy from them, and replacing them with the new debit card.
- Only a "selected few" have been issued the new debit card.
- It's a directive from Bank Negara.

After listening to my side of the story, Norma clarified that:

- There was no such policy in place to replace the RHB ATM card at all.
- It's true that they're sending the debit card to select customers, as they want to gauge the feedback and response. However, it is not a new product.
- It is not a directive from Bank Negara (which I already knew because I made a check to verify).

Norma should be given a pat on the back, for taking the time and effort to actually call me and clarifying the issue with me. I honestly told her that I appreciated the fact that she, as the Manager of the call centre, is really listening to their customers and taking actions to better improve themselves. She obviously knew I was really unhappy and decided to give me a call to work things out. Of course I was unhappy, I felt like the bank was trying to fleece me LOL!

Norma, you made my day. Thank you for the call and for your clarifications. I can't remember the name of your staff that attended to my call last week though, but I'm sure you can look through your records of the call made and listen to it again (because your boy really told me those stories).

Yes, please don't attempt to lie or sugar coat your words when talking to Oli, or any consumer for that matter. I always find ways to verify information. I don't like it when people/institutions lie to me. A consumer should always be aware.


I wonder how did the lady found ur blog..