Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mizu Japanese Fine Dining @ TTDI Plaza - Weekend Buffet

This is my second visit to Mizu, my first being at the Bangsar Village outlet about a year ago. This time around I'm here for their weekend buffet, which I've received good reviews from my colleague who has tried it a few times. So I told hubby and some close friends about it, and we decided to pay a visit to Mizu for another session of pigging out, HAH! Shit, have to jog and yoga more dy...!

Mizu Japanese Fine Dining @ TTDI Plaza.

I made my reservations through, an online restaurant reservation portal which currently has a list of several well known eateries within Klang Valley (beats having to make phone calls, heh!).

Fresh sashimi cuts @ Mizu.

When we arrived it was still relatively early, and the waitress advised us to go ahead and take our food first. My friends and I didn't hestitate at all, haha! The sashimi cuts were thick and fresh. There was also their famous Mizu maki available on the buffet line.

Awesome beef teppanyaki @ Mizu.

There's a sheet of paper on every table, with a list of other items available such as California rolls, a variety of teppanyaki and tempura. You just need to indicate how many servings you want for your selection, and the order will be prepared by the kitchen staff. We tried their beef teppanyaki and it was AWESOME! Juicy cubes of beef, marinated and cooked in a sweet sauce, the meat was really tender and oozing with flavour.

Ebi tempura @ Mizu.

The prawn tempura was good too, springy and crunch. In most Japanese buffets we go to, we hardly have the chance to eat prawn tempura mainly because elsewhere, the kiasu people will sapu all prawn tempura on one plate and forget that there are others who also want to eat them. Hence the past Japanese buffets I've been too, I never go for the prawn tempura. However, in Mizu, you have to place your order for the tempura on paper, and the kitchen will prepare it accordingly. Now this is a good system, I like. Cos that means I don't have to fight with kiasu people to tempura, hah!

Unagi, grilled salmon & pregnant fish @ Mizu.

The 3 items above area also prepared based on your order. No need to queue, teehee! Just make sure you finish all that you order, otherwise you have to pay for uneaten food. The moral is: Only order what you can finish.

Yummy ice-cream @ Mizu.

We saved some room for dessert. My friend was having the time of his life with the cheese cake. Unlike some Japanese buffet locations, there is no Baskin Robbins or Häagen Dazs here. My colleague said the ice-cream is made by the chef. And boy, was it good~ The green tea ice-cream and the black sesame ice-cream was both smooth and the taste had a nice balance, not too bitter, not too sweet. There's also vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice-cream available if you're not into the other 2 ice-cream flavours.

I can so see us going back to Mizu for the weekend buffet in their near future :P Definitely worth a 2nd, 3rd, 4th... visit!


Eh what's the price for the buffet la?

@jillies Saturday RM 46++, Sunday RM 50++

OHO. That's quite reasonable. And I'm surprised Saturday is cheaper. :P