Saturday, June 26, 2010

A New Challenge
I've always been put off by cardio. I've always had many many reasons to avoid cardio. Not enough stamina, not enough breath, not strong enough, weak lungs. Procrastination always got in the way, I admit that. So for someone with as much procrastination as I have, it took an article in the local daily to jump-start my initiation to start incorporating cardio into my exercise regime.

Honestly, the first time I started running, I almost died XD. I couldn't pace myself. Didn't really know if I started off in the right foot, didn't really do much research on it. Running a 400 meters was a monumental effort for me. I had good shoes, but what I didn't have, or prepare, was my mental. And I almost gave up. I thought I was too weak to run, and should just stick to yoga.

Hubby was my motivator. He didn't let me give up. He ran with me on certain days, encouraging me. He even helped me pace myself, and advised me not to be so hard on myself. So I started adjusting my workout days, to make sure I don't over exert myself. I also used a running guide to help further improve my regime. More reps, shorter distance. Less reps, longer distance. Something like that.

One fine day, hubby's colleagues suggested to join the Shape/Men's Health Nite Run 2010, to be held at Putrajaya. We agreed to go for the 5KM Fun Run. That became my motivation as well, to better improve myself in running. Unfortunately, when we tried to sign up for that category, it was closed! T.T Then we decided, ok, eventhough the next category was 12.3KM, which we probably can't finish (LOLOL!), let's just sign up for that to experience the run!

And so, 4 of us signed up for this year's 12.3KM Shape/Men's Health Nite Run 2010!!! OMFG what did I just get myself into XD

This is definitely a new experience for me, and I'm really forward to it. I know some folks would say "Aiya, no way you can finish 12KM la!", because I've only started running about a month ago. But hey, it's not about the competition. We're participating in the run to experience the adrenalin and to soak up all the excitement and have fun fun fun!!! And I'm gonna have some real fun that night!!! :D :D :D I'm gonna run as far as my feet can take me. If I get tired, I'll pace myself and walk. Then I run again :D