Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One fine Friday afternoon, I had just walked into the office and placed my bag onto my desk, when my mobile rang. It was my mum.

"Hey are you free now?" "What's up, ma?" "I cut myself and I'm bleeding... Can you come over now?" "I'm on my way!"

A colleague of mine offered to send me over to my parents house, which was located not far from the office (thanks again Zilch!). While on the way, I called my mum again to check on her, and told her grip her finger tightly to stop the blood from coming out. As soon as I reached the lower ground, I made a dash up to my parents house.

My mum showed me all the kitchen towels which she had used to wipe off all the blood. She was actually zesting a lemon, when either the lemon or her hand slipped, and the tool cut her ring finger (cut through the finger nail too). I told her since I can't tell how deep the gash is, better to get her to a doctor to get the wound cleaned up. By then the blood had pretty much oozing out. But it was enough to freak my mum out.

The good doctor at the clinic gave my mum a jab on the upper arm (as a precautionary measure), cleaned and dressed the wound. As the gash wasn't deep, he said stitches were not necessary, and he would apply some glue to seal the wound.

All's well now :) My mum should've just about finish her antibiotics course this week, and she should be able to remove the dressing too. I'm glad that she's alright, as she had some close brushes with injuries several year ago. Love you ma!