Friday, July 30, 2010

Run Oli Run!

We'll be running our first run tomorrow night, exactly 24 hours from now. How do I feel? Excited, yet a little jittery, heh! It is, after all, my first time running :D

I've been training for about 2.5 months, and I'm happy with my progress so far. I can't run nonstop for 12KM just yet, as I'll probably have to train for another 6months before before I can really achieve that mark even. But at least I can at least run for 30mins nonstop now at least. My legs are definitely stronger, my stamina has definitely improved too. As with all forms of exercise, with constant practise and dedication, comes improvement. I'm not gonna stop running after completing this run. I plan to continue running on a regular basis, and be better at it.

This Putrajaya night run, will be a good experience for both me and hubby. Hubby definitely has more stamina than me, and he will be running with me all the way. if I get tired, I'll stop and walk a bit. And continue running when I've catched my breath a little.

Some friends of mine will be there as well, though I doubt we'll see each other amongst the thousands of people. I'm gonna have fun during the run. Soak up all that adrenalin and just feel the wind in my face. Wish me luck!