Monday, August 23, 2010

I Want People To See!
I was in the loo today, nature called. The washroom just outside my office has 2 cubicles, and I was occupying one of them. When I was almost done, I heard a voice of a woman talking to her young son. The mother was guiding her son to take a leak in the other cubicle.

When I came out, I saw in the reflection on the giant mirror that the young son was taking a leak, and the mother went into the cubicle I had just came out from to do her business.

"Stay there and wait for me ok?" she said to her young son, as she closed the door behind her.

I was washing my hands, when the young son finished doing his business and walked out, pulling his underwear up, but his pants was still at his ankles. He called out his mother, and the mother asked if he had pulled up his pants.

"No! I want everyone to see my kuku!"

I didn't want to burst out laughing, just in case the mother thinks I'm a psychopath, and quickly made my way out of the washroom and back into my office :P