Sunday, August 22, 2010

Malaysia Boleh
Been reading the news lately on several crappy stuff. It's very obvious the most Malaysians believe that this country will be headed towards turmoil if the current government continues its agenda. So much of hate these days, incited by their cronies and dogs.

Isn't it utterly stupid? Certain quarters keep shouting over their "ketuanan melayu", "social contract", "quota system" and "national interest". After more than 50 years of independance, the very same group is still stuck into their ideology that their "special rights" which they "claimed" are "enshrined in the constitution" should be protected forever and ever. And if anyone out there even question their "rights" or dare I say, just talk about it, this same group will scream bloody murder and accuse you for challenging their "special rights", possibly have you fired from your job, demand that you leave this country or arrested under the ISA.

More than half a century later, these very same people have been shouting and parading the same slogan.

If Tunku Abdul Rahman were alive today, he will probably take a flying leap out of the Petronas Twin Towers. These bunch of imbeciles fucked up his country so badly, he can't even recognise it anymore.

Happy birthday Malaysia. As much as I would like to love my country, the people that are leading it do not want to recognise me at all, and would rather kick me back to China. I'll probably love you back, when those monkeys get kicked out of Parliament for good. Till then, I will keep silent and wait for the next General Election to come about.