Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paintball @ Tanamera, Sg Buloh

Hubby and I, together with a group of testosterone driven boys, headed towards Sg Buloh, this time to a new paintball location. I didn't join the boys as usual, way too rough to be caught in between the crossfire haha! I don't think it's really a good idea to be stuck in the battlefield with 20 grown men, each with a loaded gun :P

I think this time around, the boys enjoyed the missions more. Tanamera has a lot more fields to play in, the place is definitely bigger and wider, equipments and vests seemed better maintained. Even the lounge area is bigger and more airy, with a pantry area where you can buy drinks. There were several groups of paintball enthusiasts as well, complete with their expensive paintball gears and attire. And some with lansi attitudes too...!

"Baja Hitam! Potong dua!"

Bright yellow pellets. RM 240 per box I think.

Listening intensely for strategize to bring down the enemy...
Or at least to avoid getting shot in the face LOL!

Rest time.

Against Wiping. Support Fair Play.
Brought to you by Kejahatan.

Tanamera has other activities besides paintball. The picture above is their Krazykart track. A little small actually, and part of the track is actually where cars drive in and out of the area XP. Tanamera also has some horses, and I spotted some new stables being built for the horses on the other side. Probably the next hot spot for a game of polo?