Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Playing Hosts
Hubby and I played host a to few Germans during the recent weekend. Hubby's cousin from Germany made a trip back to Malaysia recently, and brought along 2 German friends of his. The boys figured they should do some traveling and exploration before starting their university.

When in Malaysia, obviously we should introduce our lovely European guests to the one thing that ties all Malaysians together: F-O-O-D

Takan I bring you guys go eat German food riiiiite?!? :PpPpPpP

On the first day of arrival, the very first comment from them was "KL is very hot and humid!" XD Well, what did you expect boys? Welcome to Malaysia, a tropical country! In the part of the world, you have no winter!

From left to right: Henning, Aik Kiang (hubby's cousin) and Lucas.
This was taken at Batu caves, just before they climbed up

So far our guests have been to KLCC, Petaling Street, Thean Hou temple, Batu Caves, Genting Highlands (which they made the 2D1N trip on their own), and as I'm typing this post, they're up north in Penang. Food wise, they've been exposed to roti telur, nasi lemak, mee goreng, assam laksa, curry laksa, prawn mee, briyani, kuey teow soup, hokkien mee, satay, grilled chicken wings, cantonese fried noodles, chinese fried rice, dim sum and bak kut teh. At least that's what they've had here in KL so far, hehe!

Lucas had a little trouble adapting to our Malaysian food. he doesn't like noodles, nor does he take much rice, and he can't really take spicy stuff. Plus I guess our Malaysian food, the style of preparations and cooking, is not really to his liking. Aik Kiang fares a bit better, as he's been to Malaysia a few times previously (he is half Malaysian) and remembers what some food are like. Henning was the most adventurous of the lot. Not afraid to try and explore new tastes and textures. He's kinda like the food taster for his group. Takes a bit, and he can determine whether or not Lucas or Aik Kiang will like it haha!

They love F&N orange, as this flavour is something they can't get back home, and it's the first time they've seen this variant of soft drink. They also enjoyed satay and the roadside grilled chicken wings. That's probably the only 2 things that Lucas actually ate the most, the rest of the time he only nibbles and drinks Milo. He says that he's still not used to the hot and humid Malaysian weather, thus it's probably affecting his appetite as well.

One thing's for sure: NO DURIANS.

One time, in 1U, they had just arrived back from Genting Highlands by bus, so we said we're gonna bring them to lunch. We were going down the escalator at the old 1U wing near Jusco, when suddenly, a whiff of durian just swept past us. They groaned (and probably cursed in German for all I know LOL!) and their faces clearly expressed their disapproval. "Do you guys wanna try some durian? We could get a small pack and let you guys try...!"

"NO! NO! NO!" *protest protest*


The boys will back in KL for a few days at the end of August, and will most likely make their way to Sunway Lagoon, before heading back to Frankfurt. It was nice to have you guys around for a few days. Thank you for gracing our humble abode. We hope that your visit to Malaysia was good and that you guys go back to Germany with good holiday memories of this country :D Should hubby and I ever make a trip to Germany, rest assured we'll look you guys up!