Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shape/Men's Health Nite Run 2010 @ Putrajaya
*Sorry folks, no photos as I didn't run with my camera nor phone. Didn't want to lunge around excess baggage during a run!

I did it! I survived the gruelling 12.3KM run yesterday! I completed the run with my legs and body intact. Oh wait... I could've left my legs at Putarjaya for a few hours... XP *aching*

This run was my first ever experience joining a competitive category. We had wanted to sign up for the 5KM Fun Run, but we found out too late and registration for that category was closed liao. So we ended up registering for the 12.3KM competitive category instead. Doesn't matter, we were not going to run to win any prizes. We were going to run for the experience and just have fun ;)

The weather was good to us. Perhaps the heavens decided to take pity on this 5000+ strong group of enthusiast and decided to hold the rain until later. The weather was nice and breezy, made running a lot more fun.

There we were, standing several feet from the starting line, waiting for the gun to sound. I saw many runners yesterday, you can practically identity serious runners from their toned legs LOL! Some were already running a few laps around the block to warm-up. I caught sight of this seriously toned bapok, with a fantastic physique and amazingly tight buns! Can't help watching him, he was wearing a tight fitting sports top and hot pants ma :P

The competitive category (12.3KM) flagged off at 8pm sharp, while the 5KM Fun Run flagged off 20 minutes later. When the gun was sound, everyone was cheering, clapping and feeling really great. Bystanders were cheering and giving loads of encouraging words to the runners. I saw some families running while pushing their baby strollers, so cute!

There were markers to point to the route runners were to follow, and there were a lot of people stationed all along the route as well to guide us, just to make sure no one runs off the mark. Medical personnel were constantly around as well, and there were a few ambulances always following us along the entire route, preparing to offer any medical assistance should the need arises. The traffic police were also present, making sure that we follow the correct route and ensuring that the traffic flow was not disrupted. Certain intersections were completely blocked off for the run. Power to the runners, woohoo!

Water stations were pretty ample, I think at every 2KM - 3KM there would be a water station. Although I think we left quite a bit of a mess at every water station... disposing the plastic cups along the road... No proper bin to throw them away la. Even if there was a bin, it's been filled to the brim.

The entire route was pretty scenic, running pass some of Putrajaya's famous bridges and buildings. The scenery was definitely anything but boring.

I probably ran the first 3+KM at least. Then I alternate between running and walking. By 7KM my feet were really starting to tire. My thighs and soles were aching, and I had to walk longer to rest my muscles. When we hit the "4KM to go" mark, hubby said to me "Come, let's run a little till we hit the next mark, try, ok?" And so I did, and together with hubby, I managed to run until the next mark. 3KM to go...!

The last few KM was probably the most difficult part for me. My feet were really reaching its limits, haha! I could still run a little, probably a few hundred feet, before I have to stop and walk again. Once we turned at the last corner, we could see the finish line. There it was, waiting for us to run to it. I mustered whatever stamina I have left in me and just dashed for it lah! Pant pant wheeze wheeze~ Managed to glance at the big-ass timer at the same time, I think we crossed the line at 1:57:XX

We ran the 12.3KM route in under 2 hours. Not bad, I had thought we would take over 2 hours to complete the route, based on my speed. Whatever the time may be, I was glad to have experienced my first run in my entire adult life. Hubby could've done it in a better time, but he chose to run by my side :) Thanks dear *muaks*

My goodie bag from Shape Magazine.

And here's my goodie bag :D With products worth about RM 300, not bad for my first run, hor?

• Runner’s tee from Reebok worth RM79 (the tee was collected a few days before the run)
• Nature Valley® Crunchy Granola Bars
• BIC® Soleil Shimmer Clic (Starter Kit) worth RM16
• Johnson Fitness Sports Towel
• 3 bottles Clear Men 30ml Shampoo
• 3 bottles Clear Anti-Dandruff 30ml Shampoo
• Naturale Choice Veggie Snack • Juice Works Free Drink Voucher worth RM10
• Kenko 30-min Fish Spa Voucher worth RM38
• NT-Flam™ 5’s
• Perskindol sachets & Guardian voucher for RM5 off Perskindol products
• TruDtox Tea Bag
• 7-UP Revive 325ml (dah minum right after I collected the bag, ahaks!)
• Bleu Mineral Water 600ml
• True Fitness 14-Day Membership

Thank you, Shape magazine, for giving this wonderful running experience. Here's to more running events in the near future!



at least you completed the run within the time limit, congrats!

i just opened that apple keropok thingy and finished it up. noms

wanna join some more runs? =)

@piffs congrats to u too! the apple snacks is on my work table, wl open it soon! as for joining more runs, yea why not? a fren oredi asking us to join mizuno wave @ upm in oct! hears the terrains are quite a killer LOL *pengsan*