Monday, September 27, 2010

My sis has been sharing with me some stories about how some people in her circle have funny thoughts about driving big fancy cars and owning luxury items, all for the sake of gaining respect and showing off to their peers. I said to her that I also know off some friends in my crowd who does exactly the same thing, and I too find it very funny :P

I do find it amusing sometimes, to see how some people find instant gratification to splurge on items that are very likely beyond their means, yet insist to owning them for the sake of gaining respect and status. Is it really that important, to live up to other peoples' expectation? Is it really that important, to own that expensive car? Or the latest tech gadget? Or to buy that expensive condo just because your friend bought one?

Hey, don't get me wrong. I have no issues if you wanna get the new Beemer or that big house house with a built-up of 6,000 sqft. It's your money, go splurge on whatever you want man. I just think that if you're splurging to boost your ego, it feels kinda silly and shallow.

So maybe for some people, there's a void which they constantly need to fill. The way I see it, that void will forever be there, because that void seems to only get bigger. Comparisons are always done, and that heats up the competition to see who has deeper pockets (to sustain that many commitments!)

Sometimes I also think that the friends you hang out with, will mold your perception as well. Like if you constantly hang out with well to-do friends who have no qualms about changing cars every year, being part of that same gang, might subconsciously make you feel you also gotta live up to that standard.

I'm never comfortable burning both ends of the candle. I think it's scary to have so many financial commitments. I like to have some for the rainy day, cos you never know what will happen. If you can afford it, oklah. But if it's gonna burn a hole in your pockets and make you live on your salary from month to month, that's kinda sad.