Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hubby has a regular cab driver whom he relies on should he need to travel to KLIA or LCCT. His name is Aziz. Hubby first met him several years ago, when he called the KLIA limousine service, to get a cab to pick him up from the house. The KLIA limo HQ sent Aziz to pick hubby up.

From what hubby related to me then, Aziz had offered hubby his namecard, and said to hubby should he need to call a cab to get to the airport next time, feel free to call him directly instead and he can arrange for pickup (just as long as you give him enough time in advance to make the arrangements). Charges would not differ from calling the KLIA limo service direct. And if you need him to pick you up during arrival, that can be arranged too.

Not bad. Personalised service.

Since then, whenever hubby needs a ride to the airport, he will call Aziz. Aziz has been pretty prompt with his arrangement and timing. I think he works with a few other taxi drivers, and within their group they will arrange among themselves who will handle which customer. Although most of the time, it is Aziz that will come pick hubby when whenever he requires the cab service.

Aziz is a very hardworking man. And we really respect his work etiquette. It's kinda hard these days to come across such a hardworking and polite cab driver. I can see that he puts dedication into his job. The many times we've called Aziz, he would always be on time (or earlier!) and will help us with our luggage. He would chat with us while driving, share some of his cab stories with us. Very nice guy.

Selamat Hari Raya to you, Aziz. May you be blessed with everything wonderful :)