Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Malaysia Day
September 16th is now officially a public holiday for all Malaysians, to commemorate the day Sabah and Sarawak (Singapore as well, before we broke up in 1965) join Peninsula, to form Malaysia. As such, I'm pretty sure some of you have come across some really good ads out there that are celebrating this occasion.

Image from

Digi came up with this ad to commemorate this very special day. Hilarious shit I tell ya :P And if you've not watched the ad on YouTube, here it is...

The ad is going viral on Facebook right now, and I must say, their agency did a fantastic job with the concept, the script and casting. The fact that the ad pokes fun at our diversity, and still able to send a meaningful message across all Malaysians, makes the ad even more compelling.

Let's hope the ads can send the same message our fucked up politicians and make them actually use their brains for once. This is Malaysia, and Malaysia is for all Malaysians. Happy Malaysia Day everyone!