Thursday, September 9, 2010

Konichiwa Wristlet
I recently got myself a wristlet from a blogger friend of mine, who is a SAHM (stay-at-home-mum, if you don't recognise the acronym), who also does graphic design on a part-time basis, who also sews to destress :P Yes, this mother of 2 is quick a busy woman, hehe!

I've known Sasha for a few years now, and her personal blog has grown leaps and bounds, attracting a lot of fans too :) And when she started sewing, I thought her needlework was pretty awesome. I tend to admire women that can churn out lovely creations from thread and fabric, namely because I can't sew to save my life LOLOLOL XP

Anyway, when I came across from of the wristlets Sasha took photos of and posted on her sewing blog Sewing Monster, the "Konichiwa Wristlet" caught my attention. I thought the fabric was totally kawaii, and figured getting myself a wristlet was just timely, as I've been thinking of investing in one.

Konichiwa Wristlet from Sewing Monster - RM 45

This is the very cute Konichiwa wristlet, fabric by Alexander Henry. I have to give it to Sasha, she can handle the needle pretty well. If it were me, the wristlet will probably turn out to be some chapalang looking pouch!

Invisible compartment... Peekaboo!

The wristlet also comes with an invisible compartment, a good option to have to slot some spare cash and coins. The pouch is roomy enough for me to store my keys & mobile phone, just what I need to bring out during my yumcha sessions (if I don't wanna lunge a bag around).

She has other wristlet designs as well using other fabrics, as well as little tote bags and really cute fabric shoes for babies. If you're keen to purchase some of her creations, do check if she makes remakes for them, as some may not be available.


agree. Sasha is one talented mom.

@littlelamb yup :)

@sasha only speaking the truth babe :)