Sunday, September 5, 2010

Redang Island Getaway 28-30 Aug 2010
Hubby and I made last minute arrangements for a short break recently, and we scooted off to the East Coast for some sun, sea and white sand~~~

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MAS's self check-in kiosk, which could not recognize our ticket number @#$%

We flew with MAS this time around, as we got a better deal from them w00t! And despite keying in the correct ticket number, the self check-in kiosk could not recognize our ticket number @#$%. In the end, we still have to manually check-in at the counter. So much for having the kiosk there. Also, MAS's self check-in is pretty tedious, took a lot more steps as compared to AirAsia's.

Coral Redang Island Resort welcomes you!

We took a 3D2N fullboard package from Coral Redang Island Resort, something we have to thank our lucky stars for, as most other resorts we called up were fully booked. Coral Redang told us they had one room left, and we took it up immediately :P

The semi-D chalet which we managed to get.

Here's a short of the semi-D chalet we managed to reserve for our 3D2N stay. Very spacious and roomy, and it's next to their coffeehouse :D The beach is just a short walk away.

Walking on the soft soft sand...

Self portrait.

Something out of a postcard.

KT's claypot chicken rice, which was so-so nia...

We checked out of the resort on Monday morning, and waited for a while for the ferry to take us back to the mainland. From the mainland jetty, it was a short walk to Kuala Terengganu's Chinatown. We walked into this coffeehouse which was located right next to the main entrance of Chinatown for its famed claypot chicken rice (or so said the blog we came across before we went on our holiday). Actually it's just so-so niaaaa.... I still prefer the Kampar claypot chicken rice @ Damansara Jaya, hehe!

KT's local favourite, lekor.

While waiting for our claypot chicken rice, we alse ordered some lekor to ease our hunger a little. Lekor is a local favourite in Terengganu, and it's made of fish meat, flour and other spices. You can either have it deep fried or boiled. In this case, we had it boiled, and it comes with some really awesome sambal!

Awesome fruit juices, at RM 3.50 each!

This is a must-try! The kopitiam has 20 variants of fruit juices, and at RM 3.50 a glass, it's A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I tried the dragon fruit + lychee, while hubby tried the dragonfruit + coconut. Both were pretty awesome and surprisingly refreshing to the palate :D

Ahhhh, beach holidays~~~ Something which we must do again next year :PpPpPpP *hint hint to hubby*


zomg! i was there in ... april! coral redang, too! =)

i SO wanna go back there for more diving! how was the weather? sun sun and fun? hehe

@piffles weather was still nice and sunny :D