Saturday, October 30, 2010

My New Toy - iPod Shuffle
Couple of months back, Standard Chartered had this gift exercise for their card members. All you had to do was spend a certain amount of money during the specific period, send an SMS, and you get a gift. The iPod shuffle was a guaranteed gift, all you had to do was spend a minimum of RM2,500. The other 2 gifts were a HP netbook worth RM 1,299 and a Macbook worth RM 3,299, but for these 2 gifts, you had to spend more and be the first few hundred to send in your SMS in order to qualify for the draw.

Because we have some stuff which are debited to the card every month, coupled with dining, groceries etc, hubby figured getting the iPod shuffle was an okay deal, hence he swiped the card whenever the opportunity arise (also to try to qualify for the HP netbook, heh!). As we're very prompt with our payments, it was okay lah, for us to charge a bit more to our card (okay you can call us suckers now).

Well, we didn't get the HP notebook, but at least we got the 2GB iPod shuffle :P Which was guaranteed anyway, not bad ma. Too bad it only came in one colour, I would have loved to get the orange or the pink one. This is the first Apple product in our home, haha! Now I have a companion when I go running :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Andes @ Aman Suria
Just realised I haven't blogged about food in a while. I blame my recent busy work schedule harhar! Anyway, hubby and I made our way to this new establishment recently, together with my sisters for some pork treat. Located at Aman Suria, along the Alliance bank row, Andes is now another pork burger place in our list :D That is... if they don't close down...

Andes is still very much a new player in the F&B scene, which probably explains their relatively slow business during dinner time. Maybe people are not aware of this new place yet, not enough publicity perhaps. Also, their very strong pork burger competitor is just down the road (Betty's Midwest Kitchen), so being the new player, you really gotta work a lot harder to get the crowd. Andes not only serves pork burger, they also serve pasta, steak, grilled dishes and other stuff like fish & chips (don't bother ordering it though, not worth it). You can also bring your own wine, no corkage charges.

Andes's menu. Pork burger for RM 12.90. Aussie burger is available too!
Aussie = Beef + Pork patty

Daddy dry pork chilli, awesome stuff!

This appetizer deserves a mention. It's a plate of 3-layer pork, marinated and cooked with a very flavourful spicy paste to boot. You can also order this as a main dish, I believe there's set lunch of this dish, comes with rice and vegetables I think (ask the boss for more details).

Caesar Salad.

My sister ordered a side of Caesar Salad, just to "convince" ourselves that we're having vegetables together with the rest of our meal. less sinful wor, hahahahahaha! Quite normal only la, I've had much better Caesar Salad elsewhere before, with croutons too!

Cheesy Nachos, fail.

Their cheesy nachos failed big time. The nachos were fine. It's the cheese that ruined it. The nachos was merely sprinkled with some cheese, and then toasted for the cheese to melt. You guys could've done better than that...!

Grilled Porky Pork, not very enticing if you ask me.

Hubby decided to try their Grilled Porky Pork dish, while my sisters and I settled for the pork burger. A decision which he regretted eventually AFTER our burgers arrived LOL!

Pork burger!

Lo and behold, the pork burger from Andes. A very thick juicy patty of pork, nicely seared and cooked to perfection, retaining all the cheese and juicy goodness inside. Yes you read it right, there's cheese INSIDE the patty... and if you're thinking Jucy Lucy, you hit the jackpot.

The only downside, well, 2 downsides of this dish is...

1) The burger bun - Andes didn't get their burger bun right. They merely cut the bun into half, place the patty and the works on the bottom bun, and put the top bun back on. Like, hello?! You're supposed to spread some butter on the top bun and sear it a bit, so that the bun has some flavour and the sides are lightly crusted. When I was placing my order (it was my 2nd time back there so I knew how their buns were), I specifically told the boss how I wanted the top bun to be lightly seared. When the burgers came, only my top bun was seared, and there was no butter spread too. Sigh~ Fail.

2) Crinkle cut fries - The quality of the fries were not so good, went cold too fast and a little soggy.

Other than the 2 downside, the patty was awesome. Hubby wants to go back to Andes, to have his share of the burger again. His Porky Pork dish was a disappointment really. And I think one of the many reasons Andes hasn't got their crowd is that, not everything on their menu is good. Which is kinda hard if you wanna stay afloat in the F&B scene. On top of that, when hubby was inquiring about the selection of beers (their menu states they also carry German beers) and wanted to order a bucket of Bavaria, sadly, only Carlsberg was available. Aiya, if you don't carry the other brands, don't print them on your menu la, misleading aje. Kena kantoi from us that night...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mizuno Wave Run 2010 @ UPM, Serdang
Our second run for the year, and what a fun and good experience it was! Flag off was at 7.15pm, but because we were directed at the Padang Kawat of the campus (not sure which entrance, but the marshals we saw directed the traffic to that location), we started the run late.

Not enough proper signages really, and being a really really HUGE campus, UPM has several entrances. And the Padang Kawat was like, 3KM+ away from the starting point of the race! Fortunately, the UPM bus took us to the complex where the starting point was, otherwise by the time we reach the complex, no need to run liao!

The womens category was flagged off first, and since I missed that flag-off, I waited for the next category flag-off, which was the mens :P Who cares which caterogy lah, as long as you start at the starting point, the RFID tag will register your time.

UPM terrains are killers! OMFG terrains! o.O It was seriously a major challenge to run the route (for me at least, amateur runner ma). Right after flag-off, it's the first terrain dy, going steadily uphill, before going downhill. Talk about a good warm-up for my legs! I'm happy to say that I managed to run the first 4KM+ nonstop, before the terrain tire me out. OMG the slope after the 4KM was tough! I kept telling myself "No! Don't stop yet! At least reach the peak of the slope first, then only walk to catch your breath as you go downhill!" Hubby said he was surprised to see me push myself, as he half expected me to give up and start walking the slope (he told me so after the run was over, heh!)

And so I ran the first 4KM+, walked until the 5KM mark, ran again until the 7KM mark, then walked again (terrains are a killer man, no joke!). At the last leg of the run, I told hubby to go ahead of me first, so he went ahead and said "See you at the finishing line!" Yea, I was pretty pooped by then, because the last terrain was OMFGGGGGG%$#@&!!!! (I found out a few days later that the last killer hill is called the "Aiyo" hill, for good reasons!) After hitting the peak, it was all downhill babeh! I ran the last leg of the run and crossed the finishing line. And guess what we saw....


Awesome-ness to the maaaaaaaxxxxxx!!!! The green, square Milo truck, parked right on UPM campus ground, serving chilled Milo to all!!!! The last time I had Milo from the Milo truck was during my school days, and yes, I can still remember the creamy taste of ice chilled Milo served in paper cups. The Milo this time around was a little sweeter that how I remembered it to me, never the less it was Milo from the Milo truck!!!! We both queued up a few times for that awesome-pawesome malt drink a few times HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oli & TanTan ♥ Milo from the Milo truck~

And here's a picture of some of the stuff we got from the goodie bag. Got a 20% discount voucher for Mizuno products too ^.^ Came home with aching legs none the less, hahahahaha!

I definitely had a better run this time around, compared to my first run a few months ago at Putrajaya. Had there be no terrains (flat road), I could probably cover 5KM nonstop, maybe even more. Never the less, I'm pretty pleased with my performance for this run, and hubby is proud of me as well, definitely an improvement from the last run. Training doesn't stop here of course, must find ways to improve myself further! Ganbatte!

Oh, I completed the Mizuno run in under 2 hours, whee! Don't exactly know the real finishing time because the results only showed the gun time and split time, but seeing that my gun time was under 2:00, I'm pretty sure I completed the run in under 2hrs lah.

*Update: My condolences to the family of the late Ir.Adnan Kassim, who collapsed during the Mizuno race and passed away. We ran past the ambulance on Sunday, just after the 3KM mark, and saw a guy already on the stretcher, and prayed he will be ok. It's very sad to hear the news :/ May God bless his soul, Namo Amithaba.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mizuno Wave Run 2010

Hubby and I are taking part yet again in another run, this time in Serdang. Called the Mizuno Wave Run 2010, we signed up for the 11KM route with hubby's colleague. I also found out that some friends of mine who previously took part in the Shape/Men's Health Nite Run are also taking part in the Mizuno Wave Run.

I was told that the Mizuno run is quite a challenging route... it's got terrains >.O Takpe la, worse come to worse I come home with super duper tired legs only ma, hahahahaha!

If you're reading this on a Sunday, chances are, I'm lying in my bed and nursing my tired legs. And if you see my limping my way into office on Monday, you know what happened lah har.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy Busy Busy
Been a hectic week so far, so much so I've neglected blogging. Have a couple of postings in draft format, will get around to revising them before posting them up, heh! Some postings may need further encryption, in order to keep people guessing WTF is Oli up to :P Until then, my eyes are like this now...


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Keep the Faith

So much to do, so much to consider. Having settled the bigger picture, we must now look at the finer details and make decisions. Looking at the vast horizon in front of us, there are so many possibilities. Now it's just matter of putting things into perspective and narrowing the focus. And along the way, keep the faith.

Friday, October 8, 2010

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Image from iStock Photos.

I like it... Read more. about it here.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Conversations
Via MSN, bastardizing nursery rhymes

Oli: ba ba black sheep

Oli: hv u any wool?

Bap: hafyooanniewooo

Oli: lolol dat's the ahbeng version rite

Bap: i ah beng wat

Oli: lolol

Oli: yes sir yes sir 3 bags full

Bap: hahahaha

Oli: one for my master and one for my dame

Oli: and one for the little boy who lives down the lane

Oli: continue!

Oli: twinkle twinkle little staaaarrrr

Bap: hafyooanniewooo


Bap: hao-eye-wandar-watchiu-arrrrr

Oli: up above the world so haaaaaiiiii

Bap: arp-a-burf-duh-were-sor-hai

Oli: like a diamond in the skaaaaaaaiiiii

Bap: laik-duh-laimen-induh-sekai

Oli: twinkle twinkle little staaaarrrr

Bap: hao-eye-wandar-watchiu-arrrrr

Oli: HAHHAHAAHHAAHHAAHAHAHAHA this is going into my blog

Oli: bastardise nursery rhymes lol

Bap: ole-mak-lonal-hat-er-fum


Bap: on-he-fum-he-hat-a-fei-hai


Bap: a-snort-snort-hear

Bap: a-snort-snort-dey


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Blanket Ban On Smoking
I was quite happy to hear the announcement about cigarette taxes going up again. In fact, I'm all for cigarette taxes to go up every year. 500% if possible ahaks! I hate cigarettes. Utterly despise them. If I knew the guy who invented it, I will bloody shoot his balls off and make him swallow all the cigarette sticks.

Yes, that's how much I hate the stick. It's a useless piece of invention. A waste of one's breath and life. I really don't understand why people still fall for the gimmicks of smoking. How is smoking cool? It's not cool at all. You're just falling for the advertisements and making the tobacco companies richer. You're actually paying to die for them.

It's a known fact that smoking kills, yet people are still addicted to it. Kinda stupid if you ask me. You know that stick is going to kill you, yet you willing allow yourself to be killed by it. Not only does it kill you, it also kills the people around you. So, indirectly, that makes you, a murderer.

I always find it amusing to hear the reasons why smokers smoke. They say smoking helps them to relax. That's bollocks, because smoking actually accelerates your heart rate. And this statement came from a smoker friend (not kidding!). It's more of an addiction, and of course, the will power of a person.

Plus many smokers are also litter bugs, tossing their cigarette butts all over the place. Isk! One bad habit after another. How many times have you come across smokers that literally toss their litted cigarette butts out a moving car? Or when you're seated at the mamak, the many cigarette butts you see lying under the tables? Some of the worse ones are those in high rise buildings, simply tossing the still litted butt off the balcony/corridor, not thinking that it might land onto someone's head or even fly into a person's face, causing injuries.

Smoking has been proven to cause all sort of cancer, lung cancer being the most common of the lot. When you smoke, you not only put yourself in danger, you're also endangering the lives of your loved ones. Your family, your friends, everyone around you will be affected. So yea, you can say smokers are a selfish lot. Because they're only smoking to feel "relax", and don't give a fuck about others. Honestly, life is short enough. Do you really want to shorten it even more by smoking?

And some women these days, smoking like chimneys. Some women smokers really look like some cheap back alley whores, holding the cigarette stick and posing with them. So not cool at all. My dear, don't you realise that smoking will give you really bad and dry skin? Not to mention bad lungs, a higher risk of miscarriage, bad breath, bad teeth, bad gums, bad everything! Why do you want to succumb yourself to such ugly consequences?

Here are my suggestions to tackle the smoking problem:
1) Ban smoking in all public areas, including mamaks, shopping malls, schools, colleges and universities.
2) Have proper enclosed smoking rooms built in various locations for smokers to use. Restaurants, mamaks and hotels can allocate a small room for smokers to use (like how IKEA has one).
3) Smokers can only have their puff in their homes and designated smoking rooms (see No.2).

So you see? I'm still being reasonable to smokers! I'm not stopping you from smoking at all! All I'm suggesting is that if you wanna smoke, a designated smoking room should be made available, and you can smoke all you want in there :D Of course I could be the evil bitch and say "BAN SMOKING TOTALLY", because that would be so much more awesome than setting up smoking rooms. That said, I choose to be more "reasonable" to my dear smoker friends, some who feel that because they're paying more in cigarette taxes, they should be allowed to smoke wherever they want.

I hope to see a blanket ban on smoking in open areas soon. I know, wishful thinking. One can only wish, right?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Keeping Fit, Staying Fit
These days, I dedicate about 4 days of the week to my exercise routine. 2 days of cardio (running, strength training) and 2 days of yoga. I've been pretty much keeping to this regime for the past 5 months, and I think the regime so far has been working out for me.

Before I started running, I was only doing yoga twice a week. That was before the yoga studio I frequented decided to close down abruptly. While in the midst of searching for another studio to join, I took up running, because I didn't want to stop exercising, and I didn't want to let the notion of "not doing yoga because no more studio" stop me from continuing my exercise (and get lazy in the process). So I started running, and believe me, cardio is one thing I've always sidelined and procrastinated for the longest time. The first few minutes I started running, I almost died LOL!

So for the few months after the studio closed down, I started running slowly, and also practised yoga at home. And because hubby and I also signed up for a run @ Putrajaya, hence I continued to train my stamina and endurance. Trust me, coming from a non-runner, running was really tough in the beginning. Felt my legs were gonna break at any moment and my lungs were gonna explode.

5 months down the road, I can gladly say I can run for at least 20 - 30mins nonstop at my own comfortable pace. In fact, there are days when I'm in top form, like yesterday for instance. I actually ran about 5.5KM yesterday nonstop. I know, it's a short distance to seasoned runners, but it meant a lot to me, because I started from 0KM hahahahahaha!!! I try to run as long as I can, until I get out of breath, or when my legs feel like they're gonna fly from under me, whichever comes first. I don't really look at distance when I run, I prefer to just clock the time. There are certain days though, my run is like crap and I can't clock more than 20mins *shy*

On top of running, I'm also adding some strength training to my regime, by lifting some weights and doing lunges, and I try to walk up the stairs to my floor instead of taking the elevator. I've also joined another yoga studio and have been attending classes twice a week as well (when schedule permits). Now I'm considering to invest in a pair of weights, maybe a pair of 2-3kg free weights. Or maybe even get a medicine ball, hmm...

Looking back, I'm glad I started exercising and reaping the benefits of it. It gives you confidence, makes you look and feel good about yourself, and all things positive. I hope I'm able to keep exercising until my old age and age gracefully :)

I've always heard people say they don't have time to exercise, or they're just too busy with their work/family/self/etc. I believe if you put dedication to it, you will be able to find the time to fit exercise into your schedule. Some people say exercise is too tough for them, very "san fu", very difficult, and they choose to give up rather than persevere. Start slow, pick something like brisk walking or a slow run. Or try low impact exercises first like yoga and swimming. No one is asking you jump into kick boxing immediately (if you want to, hey, why not?) If you keep finding excuses for yourself, you'll never start.

Keep fit, stay fit. You can do it!