Thursday, October 28, 2010

Andes @ Aman Suria
Just realised I haven't blogged about food in a while. I blame my recent busy work schedule harhar! Anyway, hubby and I made our way to this new establishment recently, together with my sisters for some pork treat. Located at Aman Suria, along the Alliance bank row, Andes is now another pork burger place in our list :D That is... if they don't close down...

Andes is still very much a new player in the F&B scene, which probably explains their relatively slow business during dinner time. Maybe people are not aware of this new place yet, not enough publicity perhaps. Also, their very strong pork burger competitor is just down the road (Betty's Midwest Kitchen), so being the new player, you really gotta work a lot harder to get the crowd. Andes not only serves pork burger, they also serve pasta, steak, grilled dishes and other stuff like fish & chips (don't bother ordering it though, not worth it). You can also bring your own wine, no corkage charges.

Andes's menu. Pork burger for RM 12.90. Aussie burger is available too!
Aussie = Beef + Pork patty

Daddy dry pork chilli, awesome stuff!

This appetizer deserves a mention. It's a plate of 3-layer pork, marinated and cooked with a very flavourful spicy paste to boot. You can also order this as a main dish, I believe there's set lunch of this dish, comes with rice and vegetables I think (ask the boss for more details).

Caesar Salad.

My sister ordered a side of Caesar Salad, just to "convince" ourselves that we're having vegetables together with the rest of our meal. less sinful wor, hahahahahaha! Quite normal only la, I've had much better Caesar Salad elsewhere before, with croutons too!

Cheesy Nachos, fail.

Their cheesy nachos failed big time. The nachos were fine. It's the cheese that ruined it. The nachos was merely sprinkled with some cheese, and then toasted for the cheese to melt. You guys could've done better than that...!

Grilled Porky Pork, not very enticing if you ask me.

Hubby decided to try their Grilled Porky Pork dish, while my sisters and I settled for the pork burger. A decision which he regretted eventually AFTER our burgers arrived LOL!

Pork burger!

Lo and behold, the pork burger from Andes. A very thick juicy patty of pork, nicely seared and cooked to perfection, retaining all the cheese and juicy goodness inside. Yes you read it right, there's cheese INSIDE the patty... and if you're thinking Jucy Lucy, you hit the jackpot.

The only downside, well, 2 downsides of this dish is...

1) The burger bun - Andes didn't get their burger bun right. They merely cut the bun into half, place the patty and the works on the bottom bun, and put the top bun back on. Like, hello?! You're supposed to spread some butter on the top bun and sear it a bit, so that the bun has some flavour and the sides are lightly crusted. When I was placing my order (it was my 2nd time back there so I knew how their buns were), I specifically told the boss how I wanted the top bun to be lightly seared. When the burgers came, only my top bun was seared, and there was no butter spread too. Sigh~ Fail.

2) Crinkle cut fries - The quality of the fries were not so good, went cold too fast and a little soggy.

Other than the 2 downside, the patty was awesome. Hubby wants to go back to Andes, to have his share of the burger again. His Porky Pork dish was a disappointment really. And I think one of the many reasons Andes hasn't got their crowd is that, not everything on their menu is good. Which is kinda hard if you wanna stay afloat in the F&B scene. On top of that, when hubby was inquiring about the selection of beers (their menu states they also carry German beers) and wanted to order a bucket of Bavaria, sadly, only Carlsberg was available. Aiya, if you don't carry the other brands, don't print them on your menu la, misleading aje. Kena kantoi from us that night...


Go back to Betty's. Safer! Dont give this Andes a 3rd chance..since u said u went back with feedback n they didnt put up to it..

@littlelamb hubby wants to go back to andes to hv the pork burger haha!