Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Blanket Ban On Smoking
I was quite happy to hear the announcement about cigarette taxes going up again. In fact, I'm all for cigarette taxes to go up every year. 500% if possible ahaks! I hate cigarettes. Utterly despise them. If I knew the guy who invented it, I will bloody shoot his balls off and make him swallow all the cigarette sticks.

Yes, that's how much I hate the stick. It's a useless piece of invention. A waste of one's breath and life. I really don't understand why people still fall for the gimmicks of smoking. How is smoking cool? It's not cool at all. You're just falling for the advertisements and making the tobacco companies richer. You're actually paying to die for them.

It's a known fact that smoking kills, yet people are still addicted to it. Kinda stupid if you ask me. You know that stick is going to kill you, yet you willing allow yourself to be killed by it. Not only does it kill you, it also kills the people around you. So, indirectly, that makes you, a murderer.

I always find it amusing to hear the reasons why smokers smoke. They say smoking helps them to relax. That's bollocks, because smoking actually accelerates your heart rate. And this statement came from a smoker friend (not kidding!). It's more of an addiction, and of course, the will power of a person.

Plus many smokers are also litter bugs, tossing their cigarette butts all over the place. Isk! One bad habit after another. How many times have you come across smokers that literally toss their litted cigarette butts out a moving car? Or when you're seated at the mamak, the many cigarette butts you see lying under the tables? Some of the worse ones are those in high rise buildings, simply tossing the still litted butt off the balcony/corridor, not thinking that it might land onto someone's head or even fly into a person's face, causing injuries.

Smoking has been proven to cause all sort of cancer, lung cancer being the most common of the lot. When you smoke, you not only put yourself in danger, you're also endangering the lives of your loved ones. Your family, your friends, everyone around you will be affected. So yea, you can say smokers are a selfish lot. Because they're only smoking to feel "relax", and don't give a fuck about others. Honestly, life is short enough. Do you really want to shorten it even more by smoking?

And some women these days, smoking like chimneys. Some women smokers really look like some cheap back alley whores, holding the cigarette stick and posing with them. So not cool at all. My dear, don't you realise that smoking will give you really bad and dry skin? Not to mention bad lungs, a higher risk of miscarriage, bad breath, bad teeth, bad gums, bad everything! Why do you want to succumb yourself to such ugly consequences?

Here are my suggestions to tackle the smoking problem:
1) Ban smoking in all public areas, including mamaks, shopping malls, schools, colleges and universities.
2) Have proper enclosed smoking rooms built in various locations for smokers to use. Restaurants, mamaks and hotels can allocate a small room for smokers to use (like how IKEA has one).
3) Smokers can only have their puff in their homes and designated smoking rooms (see No.2).

So you see? I'm still being reasonable to smokers! I'm not stopping you from smoking at all! All I'm suggesting is that if you wanna smoke, a designated smoking room should be made available, and you can smoke all you want in there :D Of course I could be the evil bitch and say "BAN SMOKING TOTALLY", because that would be so much more awesome than setting up smoking rooms. That said, I choose to be more "reasonable" to my dear smoker friends, some who feel that because they're paying more in cigarette taxes, they should be allowed to smoke wherever they want.

I hope to see a blanket ban on smoking in open areas soon. I know, wishful thinking. One can only wish, right?


exactly how i feel! would be awesome to have public areas be smoke-free.