Friday, October 1, 2010

Keeping Fit, Staying Fit
These days, I dedicate about 4 days of the week to my exercise routine. 2 days of cardio (running, strength training) and 2 days of yoga. I've been pretty much keeping to this regime for the past 5 months, and I think the regime so far has been working out for me.

Before I started running, I was only doing yoga twice a week. That was before the yoga studio I frequented decided to close down abruptly. While in the midst of searching for another studio to join, I took up running, because I didn't want to stop exercising, and I didn't want to let the notion of "not doing yoga because no more studio" stop me from continuing my exercise (and get lazy in the process). So I started running, and believe me, cardio is one thing I've always sidelined and procrastinated for the longest time. The first few minutes I started running, I almost died LOL!

So for the few months after the studio closed down, I started running slowly, and also practised yoga at home. And because hubby and I also signed up for a run @ Putrajaya, hence I continued to train my stamina and endurance. Trust me, coming from a non-runner, running was really tough in the beginning. Felt my legs were gonna break at any moment and my lungs were gonna explode.

5 months down the road, I can gladly say I can run for at least 20 - 30mins nonstop at my own comfortable pace. In fact, there are days when I'm in top form, like yesterday for instance. I actually ran about 5.5KM yesterday nonstop. I know, it's a short distance to seasoned runners, but it meant a lot to me, because I started from 0KM hahahahahaha!!! I try to run as long as I can, until I get out of breath, or when my legs feel like they're gonna fly from under me, whichever comes first. I don't really look at distance when I run, I prefer to just clock the time. There are certain days though, my run is like crap and I can't clock more than 20mins *shy*

On top of running, I'm also adding some strength training to my regime, by lifting some weights and doing lunges, and I try to walk up the stairs to my floor instead of taking the elevator. I've also joined another yoga studio and have been attending classes twice a week as well (when schedule permits). Now I'm considering to invest in a pair of weights, maybe a pair of 2-3kg free weights. Or maybe even get a medicine ball, hmm...

Looking back, I'm glad I started exercising and reaping the benefits of it. It gives you confidence, makes you look and feel good about yourself, and all things positive. I hope I'm able to keep exercising until my old age and age gracefully :)

I've always heard people say they don't have time to exercise, or they're just too busy with their work/family/self/etc. I believe if you put dedication to it, you will be able to find the time to fit exercise into your schedule. Some people say exercise is too tough for them, very "san fu", very difficult, and they choose to give up rather than persevere. Start slow, pick something like brisk walking or a slow run. Or try low impact exercises first like yoga and swimming. No one is asking you jump into kick boxing immediately (if you want to, hey, why not?) If you keep finding excuses for yourself, you'll never start.

Keep fit, stay fit. You can do it!