Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mizuno Wave Run 2010 @ UPM, Serdang
Our second run for the year, and what a fun and good experience it was! Flag off was at 7.15pm, but because we were directed at the Padang Kawat of the campus (not sure which entrance, but the marshals we saw directed the traffic to that location), we started the run late.

Not enough proper signages really, and being a really really HUGE campus, UPM has several entrances. And the Padang Kawat was like, 3KM+ away from the starting point of the race! Fortunately, the UPM bus took us to the complex where the starting point was, otherwise by the time we reach the complex, no need to run liao!

The womens category was flagged off first, and since I missed that flag-off, I waited for the next category flag-off, which was the mens :P Who cares which caterogy lah, as long as you start at the starting point, the RFID tag will register your time.

UPM terrains are killers! OMFG terrains! o.O It was seriously a major challenge to run the route (for me at least, amateur runner ma). Right after flag-off, it's the first terrain dy, going steadily uphill, before going downhill. Talk about a good warm-up for my legs! I'm happy to say that I managed to run the first 4KM+ nonstop, before the terrain tire me out. OMG the slope after the 4KM was tough! I kept telling myself "No! Don't stop yet! At least reach the peak of the slope first, then only walk to catch your breath as you go downhill!" Hubby said he was surprised to see me push myself, as he half expected me to give up and start walking the slope (he told me so after the run was over, heh!)

And so I ran the first 4KM+, walked until the 5KM mark, ran again until the 7KM mark, then walked again (terrains are a killer man, no joke!). At the last leg of the run, I told hubby to go ahead of me first, so he went ahead and said "See you at the finishing line!" Yea, I was pretty pooped by then, because the last terrain was OMFGGGGGG%$#@&!!!! (I found out a few days later that the last killer hill is called the "Aiyo" hill, for good reasons!) After hitting the peak, it was all downhill babeh! I ran the last leg of the run and crossed the finishing line. And guess what we saw....


Awesome-ness to the maaaaaaaxxxxxx!!!! The green, square Milo truck, parked right on UPM campus ground, serving chilled Milo to all!!!! The last time I had Milo from the Milo truck was during my school days, and yes, I can still remember the creamy taste of ice chilled Milo served in paper cups. The Milo this time around was a little sweeter that how I remembered it to me, never the less it was Milo from the Milo truck!!!! We both queued up a few times for that awesome-pawesome malt drink a few times HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oli & TanTan ♥ Milo from the Milo truck~

And here's a picture of some of the stuff we got from the goodie bag. Got a 20% discount voucher for Mizuno products too ^.^ Came home with aching legs none the less, hahahahaha!

I definitely had a better run this time around, compared to my first run a few months ago at Putrajaya. Had there be no terrains (flat road), I could probably cover 5KM nonstop, maybe even more. Never the less, I'm pretty pleased with my performance for this run, and hubby is proud of me as well, definitely an improvement from the last run. Training doesn't stop here of course, must find ways to improve myself further! Ganbatte!

Oh, I completed the Mizuno run in under 2 hours, whee! Don't exactly know the real finishing time because the results only showed the gun time and split time, but seeing that my gun time was under 2:00, I'm pretty sure I completed the run in under 2hrs lah.

*Update: My condolences to the family of the late Ir.Adnan Kassim, who collapsed during the Mizuno race and passed away. We ran past the ambulance on Sunday, just after the 3KM mark, and saw a guy already on the stretcher, and prayed he will be ok. It's very sad to hear the news :/ May God bless his soul, Namo Amithaba.




Dun forget yr recovery run =)
Good that u didn't give up, I was really tempted to stop n walk!!

My goodies bag had men's facial wash, sheesh.

Hope to see u at the next run la. Malakoff got medals for those who complete within the time, I think. JOM!

@piffles i did walk a few times haha! now i know the last killer hill is called the "aiyo" hill LOL! gonna rest a bit, think i over stretched my ankle during yoga yesterday.

my goodie oso had men's face wash la lol XP let ur bf use lor.

just found out about malakoff *grin*

i just signed up! hahaha talk about 'looking for trouble'!

anyway, luckily u took the shuttle to the start point huh. we walked/jogged about 1.5km, man.

@piffles told hubby about malakoff, very likely we'll be there XP he even identified to me where the slopes are LOL!

yea, lucky the shuttle came. if not, by the time we reach the complex, no need to run jor (sit there enjoy milo kau-kau hahahaha!)

Calling it the aiyo hill was an understatement!

Congrats on finishing the run.

@nick I learnt about the term "aiyo hill" from some blogs ! came across haha!

Thanks! Were you at the run too? I'm still very much a novice!