Saturday, October 30, 2010

My New Toy - iPod Shuffle
Couple of months back, Standard Chartered had this gift exercise for their card members. All you had to do was spend a certain amount of money during the specific period, send an SMS, and you get a gift. The iPod shuffle was a guaranteed gift, all you had to do was spend a minimum of RM2,500. The other 2 gifts were a HP netbook worth RM 1,299 and a Macbook worth RM 3,299, but for these 2 gifts, you had to spend more and be the first few hundred to send in your SMS in order to qualify for the draw.

Because we have some stuff which are debited to the card every month, coupled with dining, groceries etc, hubby figured getting the iPod shuffle was an okay deal, hence he swiped the card whenever the opportunity arise (also to try to qualify for the HP netbook, heh!). As we're very prompt with our payments, it was okay lah, for us to charge a bit more to our card (okay you can call us suckers now).

Well, we didn't get the HP notebook, but at least we got the 2GB iPod shuffle :P Which was guaranteed anyway, not bad ma. Too bad it only came in one colour, I would have loved to get the orange or the pink one. This is the first Apple product in our home, haha! Now I have a companion when I go running :)