Thursday, November 4, 2010

Homemade Mashed Potato

Carbo delight!

Another simple favourite at home, so easy to make and super yummy! And you can make it as sinful as your hearts desire :P

Russet potatoes (enough for 2 pax)
Butter (up to your judgment)
Milk (or cream if you prefer to have a more sinful mash, up to your judgment)
Some dry parsley flakes (optional)
Salt & pepper to taste

Rinse the russet potatoes (keep the skin on) and place them in a deep pot of water, and bring to boil. The longer you boil the potatoes, the softer it becomes, so about 20mins will do (if you can poke your fork into the potato, it's ready).

Once the potatoes are done, put them into a big bowl. Use a fork and just mash them out, adding the butter, milk, salt and pepper along the way. The more butter & milk (or cream) you add, the richer the taste. I would normally leave some bite size chunks around, and not mash everything up. I also like to sprinkle some parsley flakes to the dish, just for some fragrance and colour.

And if you want an even better mashed potato version, add bacon!


typo error, not "up to your judgment".

it's "up to your conscience". =P

i should try this next time! =)

ooh my kids' favourite! my version...add lots of cheddar cheese to the mash!!! yums yums....