Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Making Your Exit
The year 2010 has been extremely difficult not just for me, but for the team that is under your care. Your constant lashing out, emo-ness, grumblings, non-stop blaming has pretty much turned everyone off, including those that are in other division.

I can fully understand your frustration, because you have raised your points many times, some with validity. What I do not understand nor conform to is, how you punish your own team members, just to get back at the people you can't get back at. Like WTF?! Had you been more of a man, you would take your fight to the right people, and not channel all that hate to your team members. You nitpick the people that are under your care, sometimes for no reason at all. Your condescending tone and words, not to mention the deathly stare you give, has riled quite a few feathers, and frankly I don't think that's how someone with so much experience should behave nor act.

A lot of people have had to put up with your screaming and shouting. Hey, some of the people you shouted at probably deserved it, although I had always thought your method of communication could improve a bit more, cos sometimes screaming might not get the message across that well.

However, in the past year, I think you've gone too far. Your pride and ego is getting in the way, and you're acting really obnoxious and being a pain in the ass. This year alone, you've managed to lose the entire team's respect, as none of them want to have any association with you, nor want to seek your opinion or feedback in regards to work related matters anymore. You've successfully transformed the mindsets of the team members to dislike you. Your unwillingness to admit your mistakes and justifying your erratic behaviour by pushing the blame around is rather uncalled for.

I really don't understand what is going on in that mind of yours anymore. I can't read your mind nor predict you like before. And perhaps I don't want to know anymore. I will helm this team alone if I have to. After all, for the past few months, you haven't been contributing much, and we as a team have moved on regardless.

If you can ask why you need to put effort to gain respect and trust from the team, then you've really lost it all. You have forgotten some of the lessons you taught me before. I will always remember you as my mentor and for all the good you brought into the team. However, I can never work with you anymore. It has been a pleasure to have crossed paths with you for a few years. Perhaps it's also time you take some time off and just chill. Good luck and take care of yourself.