Saturday, November 20, 2010

Skyline The Movie
Sometimes hubby and I will go watch movies on free passes, and with those passes normally we will watch movies that are mediocre :P Beats having to pay for them harhar!

We caught Skyline recently, and this is our verdict. Have you ever been told to leave your brains outside before stepping into a cinema hall to catch a movie? Well, this movie is one of them.

Like a giant vacuum cleaner in the sky.

The effects were not bad, there's a shiny blue light which is rather pretty and captivating. Not to mention it pulls you into the light source and gets you all hypnotized, rendering you useless to put up a fight against it. Theoretically speaking, I would think looking into such a strong light source would cause immediate blindness, but maybe this blue light isn't really all that dangerous after all.

There's also the alien species, the floating ones with tentacles reminding me of the Sentinels from the movie Matrix. Multiple blue eyes and tentacles omitting the same blue light source, hovering from place to place in search of more humans to capture. Oh, there's also this giant alien the size of a high rise building walking destroying and chasing stuff.

As the story unfolds, you'll come to realise that these aliens don't really kill the humans they capture just yet. The captives are still very much alive and transported back into the mother ship. So what do these aliens really want from the human race?

It seems these aliens were capturing humans and harvesting them for their brains. Errr, what was that you said the aliens wanted...? The human brain...?

Now why would aliens, whom we've always thought to be far more superior that the human race, whom we always think have better fire power and better technology that us, whom we've always assumed are a far more intelligent being and have a far more complex civilizations that the human race... would want with the human brain?

I think you alien peeps have gotten you science totally screwed up! The human brain is nothing compared to your brain! We haven't build super cool mother ships like you guys! We haven't build fire power and laser weapons like the ones you have! We haven't been able to travel to outer space and beyond and attacked any alien planet yet! Why the fuck would you want the human brain for?!?

And why are you fitting the human brain into your offsprings in the first place? Your alien brains aren't good enough meh?!? You put the human brain into an alien body, and that alien body is so screwed!!! It's gonna be one heck of an alien, with multiple mood swings, failure to make proper judgments, having the constant need of reassurance and possibly do other stupid things humans do like smoke, do drugs, rob, start a war etc. It's gonna be one self centered bastard who thinks highly of himself, and start stepping on every alien's tail and pissing every alien off in the ship.

What better way to start destroying the alien population by implanting the human brain into every alien baby, right? So yea, do leave your brains outside before you catch this movie. Pun intended.