Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taichi-ing Bitch

2 people have inspected and proved that your unit is the root of the problem. Solutions and the matter of cost have already been suggested to you for your consideration. And based on the house rules, should the defect of the parcel affect some or all parcels adjoining, adjacent, below and above, the defect shall be repaired by the owner(s).

Which means YOU have the bear the cost, because the problem is coming from YOUR fucking unit, you bitch.

And yet you taichi and taichi, and say you're not gonna foot the cost because the problem has got nothing to you with you, despite the overwhelming evidence.

So much for being a "good neighbour". I should really just walk up to you and give you a tight slap in the face for being such a snobby bitch, but I don't want to dirty my hands. I know it's not good to curse other people, but I hope your unit suffers a major problem from upstairs, and that owner would give you 10x the grief you gave us, you asswipe.


wah...ganasnya! But yeah..I hate neighbours like that. Hopefully I don't have to deal with ppl like that at my place..

@demonick we hv really nice neighbours, but i'm sure there exist some bad apples as well. some ppl just don't know nor understand about condo living.

wah so jialat ar. non negotiable like 50%-50%?

@littlelamb she shld be footing the full bill.